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Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) Enables Business to Consumer Conversations Through Chatbots, AI, Hubs, and Standards Based APIs

Messaging as a Platform enables the vast potential of connecting third-party businesses and messaging users with a wide range of services such as chatbots, plugins, artificial intelligence, and other industrial applications. Evolving the messaging ecosystem to Rich Communication Services (RCS) enables the operator to boost loyalty and revenue by offering ubiquitous communications across all networks (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE) and devices.

MaaP uses the Universal Profile to provide advanced communication services between third party businesses (application, content, or other service providers) and messaging users for a wide range of services such as chatbots, plugins, artificial intelligence, and other third-party industrial applications. This effectively extends the person-to-person messaging ecosystem to include Application-to-Person (A2P) and enterprise messaging to create a new communications category of Business to People (B2P). Messaging users have direct access to brands and services right from the messaging app where they can engage with chatbots or other virtual assistants to answer questions, investigate options, coordinate plans, make reservations or any number of other service scenarios.

Advanced MaaP functionality such as synchronization, bot store, sticker store, plugin store, and bot registry is enabled by the innovative network-based message store, mStore, also used for text, multimedia, voice, video, fax or greetings providing the ideal convergence of message types.


Highlights Include:

  • Complete Rich Communication Services support including (group) chat, file and video sharing and SMS MMS interworking and store and forward
  • Full chatbot functionality including bot discovery and connectivity and environment for creating and executing operator chatbots
  • A broad solution offer encompassing the VoLTE/ VoWiFi and RCS clients, IMS Core, Voice/Video and RCS Application Server, Real-time Charging Support, Network-Based Address Book and Presence Server
  • Simple application programming interfaces for the integration of web-based applications and network assets
  • Advanced security including subscriber aliasing (hiding the true identity), content scanning (scanning bot traffic) and blocking features
  • Deployment options include standard in-network, hosted service, or cloud-based service — all with flexible commercial licensing options

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