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VoLTE Provides Drastic Cost Savings and Enables New Services

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) provides drastic cost savings and enables new IP services such as video calling, multi-device, a single number, and multimedia sharing services across mobile broadband devices. Mobile operators are also increasingly relying on Wi-Fi as a means to offload congested cellular networks.

Mavenir’s IMS core network infrastructure delivers next-generation voice, both Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE with Advanced Messaging in a common software solution, Mavenir’s Webscale Platform. The Cloud Native and Web-Scale architecture will drastically drive down the network economics for mobile operators with scalability, efficiency, and automation.

Whether a subscriber is connected to the cellular network directly or connected to Wi-Fi, the same call features are delivered to the user.

With this solution, users have the capability to add and drop media during a session, start a chat, add voice (for instance Mobile VoIP), add another caller, add video, share media and transfer files, and drop any of these without losing or having to end the session.

These voice services can be delivered in an NFV deployment model and integrated with the existing LTE and Wi-Fi access as well as the existing OSS/BSS systems. VoLTE/VoWiFi is advanced OpenStack deployments with elastic/dynamic scaling and automation on iVNF architecture, which enables operators to realize greater efficiencies, more agility, and improved service revenue as they migrate to NFV solutions.

For time to market, the solution can be delivered as a Pre-Integrated Service, ideal for smaller operators or operators with existing networks desiring a separate offering,

The Mavenir VoLTE/VoWiFi solution offers a clear evolutionary path that allows operators to take full advantage of the LTE network according to industry standards while improving the user experience and enabling operators to generate incremental revenue.



A fully virtualized, next-generation IMS-based converged messaging solution offering advanced services and network integration options. Mavenir’s Voicemail Solution leverages years of global leadership and experience in deploying Next Generation NFV Messaging solutions.

Built on Mavenir’s Webscale Platform, the Voicemail solution offers a standards-based architecture that includes services like TUI (Telephony User Interface), FAX messaging, Call completion, e-mail notification as well as new and innovative services such as Visual Voice Mail with fast time to market due to an open and standard architecture.

As the leading provider of messaging infrastructure, Mavenir is in an ideal position to provide a strategic and future-proof solution.

Key Attributes of Mavenir’s Voicemail:

  • Leverages a track record of reliability proven, enhanced with best of breed products
  • Allows future addition or phased deployment of elements within a common platform environment
  • Includes comprehensive feature set with services like Call Completion, Web APIs, Fax Messaging, Email Integration, etc.
  • Delivers Cost Optimization with NFV compliant solution that reduces capex and opex
  • Runs on a single platform for multiple service groups like enterprise, wireless, wireline
  • Proven with a global footprint of millions of mailboxes across Tier-1 operators
  • Provides long term support and evolution for the product

Voice Over LTE (VoLTE)

Voice over LTE provides drastic cost savings and enables new services such as video calling, multi-device, single number, and multimedia sharing services across mobile broadband devices.

VoLTE empowers 4G LTE operators to offer rich voice video and messaging services as a core offering.

Transformation of circuit-switched networks that carry voice to all-IP 4G LTE networks will realize cost advantages and recover inefficient spectrum for additional data capacity. With 4G, LTE operators can leverage service ubiquity, access mobility, global interoperability and universal user identity of phone numbers to enable continued monetization of voice and messaging. These fundamental values help mobile operators compete against the OTT web-based service providers and establish an environment where new user experiences can be offered to any generation of mobile devices.

Voice Over WiFi (VoWiFi)

Mobile operators are increasingly relying on WiFi as a means to offload congested cellular networks. While offloading broadband data services typically have the most impact, moving voice traffic to WiFi can yield a significant benefit.

Mavenir’s core network infrastructure delivers both WiFi Calling and Messaging, as well as VoLTE with advanced messaging.

Whether a subscriber is connected to the cellular network directly or connected to WiFi, the Mavenir Telephony Application Server delivers the same call features to the user. Deploying Mavenir’s WiFi Calling solution gives operators the opportunity to bring new IP services to market and monetize their IMS investment sooner.

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