MAVbiz Meet

Meetings and Web Conferencing

Delivering Secure and Private Meetings and Web Conferencing for Service Providers and Systems Integrators

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses of all sizes to accelerate their business transformation and adopt business collaboration tools in record time. To accomplish this, they have had no option but to turn to cloud companies that can provide fast access to the technology.

However, there are certain business verticals and organizations—such as healthcare, government, finance, and others—that have to comply with very strict regulations when it comes to where the data of the business user, customer, or patient is handled and stored.

MAVbiz Meet is a standalone meeting and web conferencing solution designed for in-network deployment in service providers and systems integrators networks. It delivers a powerful set of voice and video conferencing capabilities that allow workers to collaborate with colleagues and connect with customers anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

MAVbiz Meet can be offered to businesses in a variety of flexible subscription packages, as a cost-efficient, easy-to-manage, conferencing solution that is securely managed by the service provider, in their own network, with full guarantees around data privacy and data sovereignty.

Features that Meet the Needs of a Mobile Workforce

MAVbiz Meet includes the key features that business users need to be productive on any device, anywhere.

MAVbiz Meet Features

Up to 100 Participants for Basic Meetings

Active Speaker Display

Guest User Access

Passcode Access

Screen Sharing

Meeting Host Controls

Calendar Integration

Directory Integration

PSTN Dial-In

Android and iOS Applications

Windows and mac OS applications

Web client

Meetings that Save Time Instead of Wasting It

Conferencing and collaboration solutions with complex user interfaces and convoluted controls to share screen or manage participants reduce meeting productivity. Nobody likes to spend the first ten minutes of a meeting dealing with the dreaded “Are you sharing? We can’t see your screen”.

MAVbiz Meet has been designed to make the most of the time you are in meetings, with easy-to-use tools and features to keep users engaged.

Immediate Benefits for Businesses Owners and Users

  • Mobile native feature set — mobile client as the primary endpoint, desktop client, and desk phone as secondary. While others offer wireline emulation on a smartphone app, Mavenir provides full integration with mobile services such as multimedia messaging.
  • Multiple lines/IDs and easy-to-activate common work line — allows multiple employees to share a line as a group or department, lets business users have multiple phone numbers to adapt to the different business needs, on any device they use.
  • Universal messaging — lets businesses reach customers where they are, on their messaging applications. Enables conversational commerce interactions on RCS networks and falls back to MMS or SMS based on the capabilities of the business’ end customer.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery — MAVbiz Meet can be deployed as a cloud-hosted solution in the service provider’s high availability data centers, ensuring businesses can operate under unexpected circumstances.
  • Self-service portal with responsive design and touch support — allows business admins to manage user settings and other service aspects from any device. No need to find a laptop to do that change the boss requested, admins can do it from their mobile phone.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing — no need to plan ahead for changes in business demands. Businesses can add or remove capacity and upgrade the feature packages at any time.
  • Fast Deployment with minimal IT involvement — a multitenant, self-service environment that allows fast business tenant creation based on templates. Upload a list of users and the system automatically emails them with their account credentials and instructions to get started.
  • Single Sign-On ready — MAVbiz Meet can integrate with Office 365 or Google for single sign-on and calendar integration capabilities.

A White Label Solution Without the Channel Conflict

Reselling a UCC/UCaaS solution from a vendor that also sells direct to enterprises is a huge risk. When your customer’s contract expires, the vendor can offer them to subscribe without intermediaries with a better price. Even more, if the UCC offering is not customizable and is taken to market under the vendor’s brand, not the service provider’s brand.

Mavenir’s MAVbiz solutions are sold as white label solutions in an indirect business model, through communication service providers, systems integrators, or channel partners. Mavenir does not sell to enterprises directly and does not compete for your customers. Mavenir is the safe partner to bring your own UCC offering to market.

MAVbiz Meet leverages the Mavenir Connect mobile, desktop, and web applications, but they can all be rebranded with your logo and brand colors and offered in the Google Play and Apple’s App Store under your own account. This guarantees a direct relationship between the CSP, SI, or channel partner and the end customer.

Why MAVbiz Meet is the Right Solution to Offer from Your Network

MAVbiz Meet can complement your business offerings with the following benefits:

  • Carrier-grade solution built on mobile network technology — Mavenir is a leader in network software for mobile network operators. MAVbiz Meet is built to meet the needs of the most demanding mobile network operators such as legal interception, reliability, and availability.
  • Mobile native feature set — differentiate from the bulk of the UCC solutions in the market with a UCaaS service that integrates mobile messaging and breaks the instant messaging walled garden. Enable your business customers to engage with their own end-customers using rich messaging.
  • Simple and affordable multi-device support — Mavenir does not charge extra for every device or client that your customers’ users have. Simple bundle pricing per subscriber, regardless of the device used.
  • Mobile-first but with support of meeting room hardware — MAVbiz Meet works with Poly and Yealink endpoints and can be integrated with any standards-compliant SIP endpoint upon request.
  • Added Value through the global MAVbiz ecosystem — leverage other components such as Mavenir Engage, MAVbiz Chat, or MAVbiz Care, Mavenir’s Contact Center as a Service solution, to deliver aggregated value to your customers.

Contact us for a meeting and a demonstration of Mavenir’s meeting and conferencing capabilities.

Are You a Business User or a Channel Partner?

Mavenir Connect adapts to all types of workers, from small businesses to large enterprises.

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