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Mobile Business Communications & Collaboration (UCaaS & UCC)

Communications that Fit All Types of Workers.

Mavenir provides a comprehensive portfolio of Unified Communications and Collaboration offerings that adapt to the needs of all types of workers, from small businesses to large enterprises. Mavenir’s UCC offerings are built on Mavenir’s leading mobile network software elements, leveraging decades of experience in delivering mobile user experiences, and comprise high-definition business voice and video calling, audio and video conferencing and collaboration, as well as rich business messaging, including group conversations and multimedia sharing (pictures, video clips, files, and documents).   

Mavenir UCC offerings let workers communicate with colleagues and customers anywhere, on any device, on their channel of choice—voice, video, and messaging.

Mavenir Unified Communications and Collaboration Offerings

Cloud Services (SaaS)

For anyone looking for faster time to market, lower upfront costs, growth flexibility, and minimized risk.

Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service (UCaaS)
Managed and operated by Mavenir in the cloud.

For businesses of all sizes, channel partners, communication service providers, and systems integrators.

In-Network Solutions

For communications service providers (CSPs), systems integrators (SIs), and larger partners looking for solutions to deploy in their own networks.

Complete Unified Communications and Collaboration solution for in-network deployments.

Similar user experience to Mavenir Connect delivered from a communications service provider or systems integrator network.

100% virtualized software

Standalone Meetings and Web Collaboration solution.

For communications service providers and systems integrators looking for a secure, regulatory-compliant meeting and collaboration alternative to third-party cloud services.

100% virtualized software

The Rise of the Deskless Workforce and Messaging

The habits and needs of businesses worldwide are changing:

  • Small Business demand better communication tools — 85% of global businesses have fewer than 20 employees (US Census, Eurostat, OECD) and Gartner expects 23% of them will rely solely on mobile phones by 2023.
  • The workforce is mobile — 80% of global workers are deskless[i].
  • Messaging is conquering customer engagement — 89% of consumers wanting to interact with a business via text and 58% of consumers are responding to missed business calls also via text[ii].
  • COVID-19 has accelerated business transformation — businesses have been forced to create an online presence to continue to operate, with messaging proving to be a fast and affordable way to digitize customer engagement interactions.

Despite these facts, most business communications solutions in the market were designed for large enterprises and wired use cases, with walled garden instant messaging solutions that don’t let businesses message their customers, a key requirement for small and medium businesses with deskless workforces.

Enabling All kinds of Workers with the Right Tools

Mavenir’s Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) provides mobile-native UCC offerings designed for the new generation of business. Mavenir’s mobile-native UCC disrupts the industry convention by expanding the experience:

  • from just voice to include messaging, embracing the generational change
  • from typing to tapping, with chatbots, shortcuts and automation
  • from desk phones to mobile applications that are multi-line, multi-device
  • from complicated onboarding to self-service, low-touch activations
  • from siloed communication services to aggregated value with solutions that work together with the rest of the MAVbiz portfolio and complement each other.

Mavenir’s UCC offerings are purpose-built for the mobile user experience, which makes them ideal for small and medium businesses (SMBs) that require a high level of mobility but are capable enough for larger enterprises. It delivers a powerful set of high-definition voice, video, and meetings capabilities combined with external messaging, allowing workers to collaborate with colleagues and connect with customers anywhere, anytime, and on any device, such as a smartphone (iOS, Android), a personal computer (Windows, macOS) or even a web browser.

Mavenir’s UCC leverages rich messaging capabilities with internal and external users by seamlessly integrating to mobile carrier networks (SMS/MMS/RCS), enabling a direct customer engagement, directly from the UCC client.

Most UCC offerings in the market are built around a PBX evolution model, with a desk phone and a laundry list of voice features at the center of the experience. Mavenir’s UCC solutions center the experience around the software applications as the primary option for both mobile and desktop users—with intuitive, easy-to-use features—and providing a desk phone as the second option when required.

And businesses can get a fast start, with self-service portals that allow them to easily add employees, subscribe to additional feature packages, and manage every aspect of their service.

Expanding Revenue with
Unified Communications as a Service

The market for business communications has been growing at a healthy pace for the last decade and is shifting to cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) solutions.

In June 2020, Gartner estimated an accumulated growth rate (CAGR) of 15.3%, between 2021 and 2024 for cloud-based UCaaS deployments, while on-premises UCC installed-based decreases. The on-premises to cloud migration represents USD $86.2 billion for the same period.

This does not consider the emergence of the deskless workforce, which Mavenir estimates to include the addition of 2.5 to 3 billion new lines in the same period, accounting for a global opportunity of USD $85.75 billion.

Communication service providers (CSPs), systems integrators (SIs) and channel partners can take advantage of this opportunity by offering Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offerings that cater to the needs of the SMB space and the growing segment of deskless workers. Mavenir offers two different ways to achieve this:

  • UCaaS with Mavenir Connect—a white label UCaaS offering, managed and operated by Mavenir in the cloud in a software as a service (SaaS) model. It includes mobile, desktop, and web applications that can be branded with the CSP, SI, or partner’s brand and colors, as well as a comprehensive set of communications capabilities such as high-definition voice and video calling, meetings and conferencing, rich multimedia messaging (pictures, video clips, audio, documents, and file transfer).
  • In-Network UCC solutions:
    • MAVbiz Talk— a 100% virtualized software solution to be managed and operated by the CSP, or SI, or partner—in their network or from their own cloud environment. It includes the Mavenir Connect applications and all its functionalities, and can also be integrated with mobile messaging for external business messaging capabilities.
    • MAVbiz Meet— a standalone meeting and web conferencing offering designed for CSPs, SIs, and partners that need to provide a secure and private alternative to over-the-top meeting solutions. MAVbiz Meet allows them to comply with data privacy and data sovereignty regulations and requirements by maintaining all user data and traffic in their network.

All these offerings are white label and can be brought to market branded with logo and brand colors chosen by the service provider or partner.

Would you like to provide UCC/UCaaS services to your business customers?

Contact us for a meeting and a demonstration of Mavenir’s UCC capabilities.

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