MAVbiz Chat

RCS Business Messaging and Monetization Solution

100% cloud-ready, virtualized software for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Systems Integrators (SIs)

MAVbiz Chat enables MNOs and SIs to equip their communication service provider networks with powerful customer engagement capabilities for businesses. It delivers a wide portfolio of business messaging and monetization capabilities, such as RCS Business Messaging, A2P and P2A campaign management, templated chatbots, visual flow builders, payment integrations, advanced analytics and more. With MAVbiz Chat, brands, developers, and aggregators get easy access to the network messaging capabilities via simple RESTful APIs and build and manage rich customer engagement experience using easy-to-use web tools.

MAVbiz Chat encompasses multiple components from Mavenir’s market-leading portfolio:

  • RCS Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) — a gateway layer that provides the standard, REST-based Northbound API used to connect chatbots and applications, and the Southbound API to connect to other MaaPs. It is fully compliant with the latest Universal Profile (UP) RCS specifications and provides chatbot registry, directory function and bot analytics, human-in-the-loop APIs for session transfer to a human agent, and more.
  • Business Monetization Layer — a suite of value-added service enablers including campaign manager—for application-to-person (A2P) and person-to-application (P2A) campaigns—pre-built chatbot templates, payment integrations, advanced messaging analytics, and a visual flow editor to let businesses customize their bot templates or build their own chatbots from scratch. It also includes multi-channel integrations capabilities to connect to Google RCS as well as other messaging ecosystems.
  • WebRTC Gateway — enables web-based rich messaging experience and MNO-branded RCS clients.
  • Mavenir Messages mobile client — for MNOs wanting to go to market with their own branded messaging application.

MAVbiz Chat seamless integrates with other Mavenir core network components such as the RCS Core—to provide RCS P2P messaging services—the SpamShield revenue assurance solution, and MAVbiz Care—Mavenir’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) offering.

Solution Brief

Messaging and Monetization

The COVID-19 pandemic, with its dramatic restrictions on how to engage with customers, accelerated the adoption of digital technologies by several years, and many of those business changes seem to be here to stay permanently. One of the technologies that has experienced increased adoption is business messaging.  Download Mavenir’s Messaging Monetization Solution Brief to learn more.

Protect Messaging Revenue and Open New Revenue Opportunities

MAVbiz Chat allows service providers to grow their existing A2P wholesale messaging business—by offering rich, multimedia capabilities—and expand into new P2A revenue sources in mobile marketing, advertising, customer service, and conversational commerce markets, without giving up control of their networks.

RCS Business Messaging Solution

MAVbiz Chat includes a GSMA standards-compliant RCS Business Messaging (RBM) solution—powered by MAVscale MaaP—that can be integrated with the service provider’s core network—such as IMS, SMS and MMS components—as well as the provisioning, OSS, lawful interception, and billing systems. Alternatively, Mavenir can provide the whole stack as an “RBM in a Box” in-network solution, including its own IMS components, that can be overlaid onto the service provider’s network and avoids lengthy integration projects with different IMS vendors or having to impact other IMS services such as VoLTE.

Mavenir’s RCS Business Messaging solution allows MNOs to protect their growing business messaging revenue by providing a fast and simple solution to implement RCS messaging into the wireless network, from the cloud, with full compatibility with GSMA Universal Profile clients and facilitating the integration of enablers such as chatbots, mobile payments and other messaging-based applications. MAVbiz Chat enables MNOs and aggregators to strategically position themselves as key players in the business-to-consumer (B2C) messaging market.

Enhancing Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Customer Engagement

Mavenir’s RCS Business Messaging allows service providers to stand out from the OTT noise by offering brands and aggregators a messaging solution that has the attributes they covet:

  • Reach—any consumer with a mobile phone number and an RCS compatible device and backward compatibility with MMS or SMS only devices
  • Clean Channel—ensuring the conversation between the brand and the consumer is private and the content will not be shared with third parties for other purposes (e.g.: tracking)
  • Richness—the RCS Universal Profile provides a baseline that all clients and devices support for rich multimedia capabilities such as images, audio, video, rich cards (single or in carousels), pre-configured response buttons, QR codes and more
  • Rewards—the monetization platform allows opt-in consumers to receive offers and be rewarded with minutes/megabytes/points or other assets
  • Privacy and protection—with business authentication and authorization that assures consumers they are interacting with the real brand, and lets them finalize the conversation whenever they want, opting out from receiving additional messages

Why service providers need to have their own messaging solution

For brands to see mobile messaging as the ultimate digital billboard, a business messaging solution needs to provide rich communications that reach the highest number of eyeballs possible, while ensuring compliance with security and privacy regulations and, most importantly, the guarantee of a clean channel to the consumer—where metadata is not harvested to be sold to their competitors for tracking or advertising purposes. Outsourcing your messaging services can put many of these factors at risk.

Would you like to know more about how MAVbiz Chat can enhance your revenue outlook?

Endless Use Cases

Security & Authentication

Two-factor authentication, order confirmation, password resets

Bill & Payments

Paperless bills, pay via message, disputes


Customer satisfaction, market pulse, event attendance forecasts

Alerts and Reminders

News, updates, account status

Insurance Claims

Open claim, take a photo and attach to claim, select a repair location


Schedule, cancel, reschedule

Location-Based Offers

Restaurants, shows, specials, sales promotions

Customer Service

Technical support, customer care, upsell services

Public Announcements

Incidents, extended hours, flash sales, changes of schedules

Full Monetization Capabilities to Enable Direct Business Models

MAVbiz chat includes a full suite of monetization capabilities that allow service providers to offer services to brands, developers, and enterprises in a direct business model, opening new revenue opportunities in customer care, marketing and advertising.

The direct business model can be enabled for both large enterprises as well as small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Most businesses in the world are small. A quick look at the business census in almost every country shows SMBs account for more than 80% of the total business landscape. Service providers are the best prepared to offer solutions to small companies, which have budget limitations and for which developing custom messaging experiences is out of reach.

Here are some of the capabilities that MAVbiz chat provides to enable a direct business messaging model:

Easy On-Boarding via Self-Service Portals

Full self-service platform to:

  • Configure A2P broadcast campaigns
  • Create chatbots using templates
  • Create and manage P2A launch points
  • Pay for service with credit card

Approval Management

  • Operator can vet brands and approve campaigns and chatbots
  • Approval status reflected in the campaign verifications page

Campaign Manager

Full campaign management capabilities:

  • Opt-in/opt-out list management
  • Budget management
  • Pacing

Targeting/eligibility rules based on phone number and other triggers (geolocation, demographics, prior campaign completion, and more), including internal checks as well as external lookups

Templated Chatbots

  • Wizards to create chatbots quickly and easily for common use cases
  • Integrations with Google Pay and credit card payment processors

Multi-channel Support

  • Carrier RCS, Google RCS, MMS/SMS (new messaging ecosystems coming in 2021)
  • Channel orchestration to provide a common experience for users
  • Single view for brands to track approvals across channels

Support for 3rd party chatbots

  • Easy integration of custom chatbots built on 3rd party systems, such as Microsoft Bot Framework, Amazon Web Services, Dialogflow, Rasa, IBM Watson, and more
  • Easy integration using Northbound APIs and webhook URLs

Live Agent Support

  • Human-in-the-loop API allows chatbots to forward messaging conversations and chat history to live agents
  • Pre-integrated with Mavenir’s MAVbiz Care contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution

Reporting and Analytics

  • Standard chatbot analytics (messages delivered, read, etc.)
  • End-to-end reporting analytics (impressions, click-through rate, conversion rate)
  • Full attribution capabilities to track successful conversions

A Partner Ecosystem Program to Nurture the Indirect Business Model

Mavenir’s Business Messaging solution allows MNOs to support indirect go-to-market models that rely on third-party partners to add value to their offerings and bring brands, businesses, and innovative use cases.

This is achieved through the Mavenir Business Messaging Ecosystem, the bridge that connects service providers to the future of B2C interaction by allowing partners to pre-integrate with Mavenir’s solutions and make their messaging-based services available to more than 250 Mavenir MNO customers globally.

Join the Partner Program

The Mavenir Business Messaging Ecosystem Partner Program, which allows service partners to pre-integrate with Mavenir’s RCS, Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) and messaging monetization solutions, expanding their market reach to all the MNOs using Mavenir’s Business Messaging solutions. The program accelerates service deployment for MNOs, which can now access a broad range of pre-integrated messaging enablers from their Mavenir messaging solution.

It’s a win-win situation where the MNO can obtain revenue from business messaging faster by delivering a broad range of services to the enterprises, and the partner can increase their profitability by obtaining more income from a larger market and minimizing the cost of selling and integrating individually with each MNO.

To see a full list of partners, or to enroll as a partner:

Built-in Sponsored Data/Rewards Capabilities

Contact Users with Rewards Campaign

Reach users by push or pull communication in any media format on mobile devices, tablets and desktops

Engage with Brand-Defined Outcomes

Define objectives (watch video, quick survey, opt-in to offers) and user rewards (megabytes, points) to leverage results.

Rewards Users

Users receive their reward in real-time, creating a cognitive association between the brand and the reward.

Looking for a cloud-hosted, Business Messaging and Monetization as-a-service solution?

Business Messaging and Monetization as a Service (SaaS)
For communications service providers, partners, brands, and enterprises


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