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RCS Business Messaging & Multi-channel Customer Engagement

Protect Messaging Revenue and Open New Chatbot Revenue Opportunities with a Multi-Channel Mobile Messaging Solution

Messaging is the low hanging fruit of business transformation and is a coveted tool to enable conversational commerce. Consumers prefer to use messaging to interact with businesses because they don’t have to download an app, allows them to keep a record of the exchange for historical context, and lets them communicate at their own pace, without waiting on hold.

Businesses value messaging because it provides simpler business differentiation, a richer customer experience and high efficiency.

Mavenir provides Communication Service Providers with multiple solutions to help them have a pivotal role in the growth of mobile messaging, accelerate business transformation to conversational commerce and effectively monetize the ecosystem.

Mavenir Business Messaging Monetization Solutions 

Business Messaging and Monetization as a Service (SaaS)

For communications service providers, partners, brands, and enterprises

Business Messaging and Monetization Solution for in-network deployments.

For mobile network operators and systems integrators

Messaging Role in Conversational Commerce 

The customer engagement landscape is changing fast. In the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated social distancing measures, businesses of all sizes were forced to convert physical customer interactions into online engagements. Many businesses that were at the forefront of digital transformation were prepared to face these challenges; many others have had to implement an online presence as fast as possible to avoid losing revenue. 

Messaging has become one of the fastest and easiest routes to achieve an online presence. In fact, large internet services such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Google, quickly implemented business messaging capabilities to allow businesses of all sizes to interact with users in those ecosystems. Other companies that base their business model in conversational commerce or that embrace messaging within their commerce platform (such as LivePerson or Shopify) have seen massive growth in 2020. 

Why Messaging is Valuable as a Customer Engagement Tool 

No app download for customers

Overcomes app fatigue. Users are reluctant to download new apps and create new accounts for casual interactions. Messaging is native to the mobile device.

No app development for the business

Messaging allows businesses to stay close to customers without the cost to develop and maintain an app. 

Always-on, bidirectional channel

Users can quickly re-engage with the business and vice versa. Interactions remain in the conversation list.

Leaves a record of the conversation

Provides a context of previous interactions with the business and minimizes name mispellings and misunderstandings.

Simpler business differentiation

Messaging allows data collection within the conversation. API integrations let back-office systems fulfill tasks for the users within the messaging experience.

Richer customer experience

Native and secure handling of content such as images, videos, audio clips, web views, files, questionnaires, and surveys. Modern channel such as RCS include suggested replies as well as delivery, read and “is-typing” notifications.

Fast business digitalization

It quickly adapts to pandemics, weather events and other emergencies. Can handle appointments, reservations, payments, alerts, reminders and more, at a lower cost compared to a mobile application.

High efficiency channel

Allows business representatives to manage multiple conversations simultaneously over an undetermined amount of time. Voice calls cannot compete with the 1-to-1 nature and limited duration

What Conversational Commerce Looks Like

Product Previews

With content presented properly arranged with rich cards, carousels, suggested responses and action buttons. Tap versus type user experience.


Easy display of business location information or submission of user location information for deliveries, service visits, etc.


Integrated payment options within the messaging flow, via built-in mobile payments or slide-in web view.

Live Help

Seamless transfer of the chatbot session and conversation history to a human agent for fast assistance and delightful customer service.

The Keys to a Helpful Messaging Channel

Two-way Communication

Always open to let the consumer reach the business at their own pace.

Persistent conversations that increase customer stickiness.

Get Stuff Done

Move away from notification or basic information channels.

Let users fulfill tasks, purchase goods, book appointments, schedule deliveries, obtain customer care and more.

Multiple Launch Points

Allow conversations to be started where the consumers are: on the company website, from the maps app, from a web search, from QR codes in printed media, from an SMS notification, and more.

Let businesses easily manage multiple entry points to measure performance differences and optimize their engagements.

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The Role of Mobile Network Operators (CSPs) in Conversational Commerce

Social networks and messaging applications have driven consumer interest towards a multimedia messaging experience that SMS cannot deliver. Rich Communication Services (RCS) is the mobile industry’s response to this demand—a mobile native messaging channel that offers rich multimedia capabilities and introduces key customer engagement elements such as rich cards, carousels, suggested responses, and delivery and read notifications.

The SMS business model is heavily focused in wholesale, and, for many CSPs, this model is so deeply ingrained that early RCS campaigns look more like a better MMS and are not fully realizing the potential that RCS can enable. Additionally, the mobile messaging market is fragmented. Apple is not yet supporting RCS on iPhone and is delivering its own Apple Business Chat experience. WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, and others almost monopolize the consumer messaging volume in many countries.

Today, CSPs only provide the delivery channel for messages sent to their subscribers. The rapid evolution of the digital ecosystem and the rise of messaging as a preferred channel requires CSPs to consider providing more capabilities at the business layer—such as chatbots— and integrate multiple channels.

There is value on providing simplification, allowing businesses to implement bots and applications in one place and reach their customers across the different ecosystems (RCS, iOS, Android, OTT messaging apps).

To do this, CSPs need to:

  • Develop a holistic, company-wide conversational commerce strategy—to deliver value in communications, commerce, customer care and chat.
  • Execute the strategy within the entire organization—including their consumer, enterprise, product, and media and advertising teams.
  • Define the right go-to-market approach—with differentiated customer journeys and value propositions for large enterprises, small and medium businesses, and brands and advertisers.
  • Focus on swift execution with a complete business messaging platform—beyond basic RCS, with a partner that can provide multiple application programming interfaces (APIs) and connectors to different messaging ecosystems and business tools. A partner that can integrate into the rest of their business communications offerings (such as Unified Communications or Contact Center), provide built-in monetization tools, and offer a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution that minimizes risks and costs.

Mavenir’s Business Messaging Monetization solutions allow CSPs to deliver all these capabilities with two main offerings that adapt to the CSP needs:

A cloud-based, customer engagement as a service solution, managed and operated by Mavenir in a software as a service (SaaS) model. It provides faster time to market, with lower upfront costs, no capex spend, reduced risk and flexibility to grow with demand.

Mavenir Engage combines a multi-channel messaging as a platform (MaaP) layer which includes RCS, SMS and MMS, templated chatbots, interactive flow builder, campaign manager, advanced analytics, SpamShield, and optional interconnection services—with built-in contact center capabilities to deliver a rich and flexible, message-based customer engagement offering.

A suite of software network elements for in-network deployment including RCS MaaP, monetization layer—templated chatbots, interactive flow builder, campaign manager, advanced analytics, and more. MAVbiz Chat, suited for CSPs wanting to deploy solutions in-network, is built with 100% virtualized software and can be deployed in the CSP’s own virtualized infrastructure as well as public cloud environments, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure.

The Role of Channel Partners in Conversational Commerce

Most businesses in the world are small. A quick look at the business census in almost every country shows small and medium businesses (SMBs) account for more than 80% of the total business landscape. For such small companies and with their budget limitations, developing custom messaging experiences is out of their reach.

Channel partners can fill that gap, by delivering value on top of the business messaging monetization platform, building pre-packaged messaging experiences, templated chatbots with easy on-boarding and contained costs. This enables a business model for cheaper, more focused messaging solutions but with a mass-market commercialization potential.

Mavenir Engage provides channel partners with the tools required to build their own affordable, pre-packaged customer engagement offerings and bring them to the small and medium business market.

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