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Unlock Spectrum Value and Enable Connectivity with Multi-G Small Cells

Small cell solutions enable network connectivity that take advantage of increasingly available spectrum while supporting innovative use cases across industries, including Industry 4.0 in manufacturing and factory automation, healthcare, retail, hospitality, aviation, maritime, and first responder applications.

To meet the growing need for enhanced network capacity and coverage, Mavenir offers a full range of indoor and outdoor small cells, from residential to enterprise to rural applications. The proven carrier grade solutions are easy to deploy, fully automated, highly scalable and adaptable.

Open RAN and Small Cells

Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) principles present an alternative way of building networks that ensures interoperability, vendor competition, element security and reduced operating costs across the RAN.

Open RAN technology extends to small cell deployments with Mavenir Virtualized Multi-Radio Access Technology (vMRAT), which can integrate 2G and 3G capabilities into the Open RAN architecture in addition to 4G and 5G broadband technologies already supported. A seamless, vMRAT single RAN solution helps CSPs and enterprises achieve the benefits of advanced radio solutions across all layers, including incorporating legacy technology in Open RAN strategies, the ability to scale for more users over a longer range, and the potential to take advantage of spectrum for secure private network deployments.


Comprehensive Small Cell Solutions to Meet Any Need

Mavenir’s broad portfolio of small cells allow CSPs, Enterprises, and Private Networks to:

Streamline and simplify small cell deployment with an integrated, multi-technology cellular radio access solution for enhanced cellular coverage.

  • A family of plug-and-play cellular small cells for small, medium, and large indoor or outdoor deployments.
  • Virtualized gateways securely handle and route all traffic between the small cells and the operator’s core network.

Create customizable solutions specific to unique requirements, including multi-band support and multi-radio access technologies.

  • Enhance standard 2G/3G/4G/5G applications by allowing deep analysis of air interface activity and the opportunity to directly influence subsequent events.
  • Achieve multi-band support with an SDR solution targeted for specialized uses, including first responder applications, private networks, and research and development.
  • Support legacy 2G, 3G, and 4G multi-radio access technologies enhanced with a portfolio supporting 5G.


Empowering Innovative Use Cases Across Industries and Enterprises



Achieve Real-Time, Anonymized Traffic Information with Precision Location Intelligence

Unlock the value of location and positioning with Mavenir presenceSensors. Capture anonymized user information including location, footfall traffic, dwell time, and range, to support Safe Cities applications and Data Monetization for CSPs and municipalities.

  • Fast and simple to deploy, Mavenir’s 4G presenceSensors can be installed standalone, with no need for complex network management and integration.
  • presenceSensors are designed to seamlessly capture anonymous user information to support Big Data Analytics applications, such as footfall analysis to ensure health and safety standards.
  • presenceSensors help drive better spectrum utilization and mobile traffic management for enhanced experience.

Committed to Quality and Assurance

Mavenir radios are BSI Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Recognition for Innovative Industry Solutions

Small Cell Forum Judge’s Choice Award 2021 – Recognized for innovative contributions to the small cell industry

Small Cell Forum Industry Award 2019 – Excellence in the delivery of Software and Services – Management, automation and orchestration for Private LTE

Security Innovations Special Award 2018 – Presence for Safe Cities won the highest-ranking prize, the ‘Special Award’, at the Security Innovation Awards, Essen 2018.

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