Lowering the barrier of entry to the RCS world and enabling other compelling monetizable services is a win-win for Communication Service Providers across the globe.

What’s unique about Mavenir’s RCS Hub

Our approach to RCS is unique by going above and beyond the traditional Telco vendor strategy and inviting a wide range of innovators and disruptors to challenge the status quo and invent the future of messaging.

Mavenir Cloud to host RCS infrastructure

Lowers the barriers of entry to the RCS world by offering a hosted or fully managed service, with flexible business and service deployment models.

Mavenir RCS Hub to interconnect

Provides flexibility and scalability to interconnect the world’s leading RCS networks. Reduces complexity for the operator by providing easy roaming and global reach.

Mavenir Cloud

Why Is this Important!

  1. Operators remain in control of the messaging ecosystem and their customer data.
  2. It creates an open and interoperable RCS ecosystem not dominated by 3rd party providers.
  3. Time to market for new services is reduced from months to weeks for a full suite of RCS services that meet GSMA’s RCS specifications and Universal Profile standards.
  4. It accelerates the ability to extend offerings to include fully converged IP messaging solutions.
  5. Operators access additional monetization opportunities through new services such as Chatbots and Messaging as a Platform (MaaP).
  6. A wide range of RCS-enabled devices are supported.
  7. The integrated solution contains the latest network based security, spam, and fraud protection using Mavenir’s machine-learning based Spam and Fraud Platform and Signaling Firewall.
Mavenir Hub

Why Mavenir

  • 350+ messaging customers.
  • 3.5 billion subscriber base. 75% RCS market share in NA (US and Canada).
  • 12 active RCS deployments worldwide, representing 25 million activated RCS clients (Embedded, Downloadable and Universal Profile).
  • Immediate access to other compelling services.
  • Our credibility enables us to provide advanced RCS with minimum risk and capex investment for the operator and a faster time to market.

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