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Why Partner with Mavenir and Join the Ecosystem?

Mavenir provides a secure RCS messaging service with a global reach of 3.5B subscribers. integrated with over 350 operators worldwide, has 25 million activated RCS clients and 13 active RCS deployments. As an industry leader in messaging, we have a 39% share of the RCS market offering aggregators and brands the opportunity to partner with us in a dynamic ecosystem that will grow your business by reaching customers in their native messaging app, rather than one of many business apps consumers juggle on their devices.CONTACT US


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10 June 2021

Dell’s new reference IT platform architectures for edge, core and Open RAN, working with partners to help deliver appropriate functionality for those use cases. Mavenir ‘s 5G Open RAN software to run on Dell EMC PowerEdge XR11 ruggedized servers.

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Dell Technologies Helps Communications Service Providers Transform to Capture Opportunities at the Edge

10 June 2021

Mavenir is collaborating with Dell Technologies to develop 5G Open RAN software.

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08 June 2021

Mavenir supports and congratulates Vodafone with Open RAN rolling out and going live in the UK.

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