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08 February 2021

Open RAN Leads to MORE Secure Networks

At the heart of Open RAN is the use of cloud native architecture, the same architecture that is the bedrock of today’s internet and public cloud. Open RAN is built on a cloud native platform with clear responsibilities and accountability established between hardware/infrastructure suppliers, a hybrid-cloud platform supplier, and RAN software suppliers. It enables network operators to select suppliers that meet all the required industry security standards and certifications


27 January 2021

What Does HIPAA Compliance Mean For a Contact Center?

A medical entity’s contact center platform must comply with HIPAA regulations for the medical entity to be compliant.


25 November 2020

Why Demand for Enterprise Private Networks is on the Rise

With the need for secure, cost-efficient networks, the demand for enterprise private networks is on the rise.


18 September 2020

Why OpenRAN is Actually More Secure Than Legacy Proprietary Networking

While legacy vendors see the growing momentum for OpenRAN and feel the need to use scare tactics to protect their market position, the facts are clear: OpenRAN means more security, not less.


03 September 2020

Monetizing The Slice

Omdia’s Nicole McCormick, Senior Principal Analyst, hosted an educational and thought-provoking webinar on “5G Monetization of the Slice” with panelists Dereck Quinlan, VP of North Asia and ANZ Sales from Mavenir, and Angela Logothetis, CTO from Amdocs Open Networks.


03 August 2020

OpenRAN is Open for Business

The OpenRAN approach to mobile networking relies on open interfaces and the ability to use network elements from different vendors.


28 July 2020

Private Networks: Increasing Access to Low-Cost Spectrum in the US

Mavenir’s end-to-end 4G/5G system and CBRS ready solution, based on cloud-first and open architecture principles, is highly suited to address both mass scale private enterprise use cases as well as bespoke high-end use cases for advanced industries.


20 July 2020

Why Competition Must Guide the U.S. on 5G

U.S. policymakers look for ways to jumpstart America’s competitiveness in 5G and to eliminate security threats from Huawei.


28 May 2020

What is the Main Objective of the Open RAN Policy Coalition (ORPC)?

The Open RAN Policy Coalition exists to promote policies to advance the adoption of open & interoperable solutions in the Radio Access Network as a means to create innovation, spur competition & expand the supply chain for advanced wireless technologies including 5G.  


20 November 2019


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