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10 November 2021

Imagine That with Mavenir Intelligent Video Analytics

Mavenir’s Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) applies AI to video stream analysis, enabling actionable intelligence for enterprises and service providers. Read the blog to learn how IVA can increase business efficiency and improve customer experiences.


09 November 2021

NVIDIA At The Edge: Metropolis Edge AI-on-5G Platform Delivers Intelligent Video Analytics Over 5G

Mavenir announces MAVedge-AI Intelligent Video Analytics powered by NVIDIA Metropolis AI-on-5G platform to accelerate enterprise AI.


06 October 2021

Friction Does Not Just Start Fires; It Can Burn Bridges in the CX World

Does your contact center reduce customer journey friction through automation and self-service engagement?


16 September 2021

The Inextricable Link Between Openness and Innovation for Mobile Networks

To meet the growing demands of consumers and achieve the true potential of 5G, CSPs want and need to incorporate openness and innovation into the mobile network.


22 July 2021

Providing Secure Financial Services without the High Price of Application Development

With most customer service organizations shifting their engagement methods to mobile messaging, maintaining personal interactions with a contact center can provide a secure and reliable solution while avoiding costly expenses.


06 July 2021

Real-time Network Protection Critical in Wake of Sophisticated Flubot Cyberattacks

As more network customers become vulnerable, CSPs are challenged to build the right defenses and monitoring to protect and predict sophisticated cyber-attacks.


17 June 2021

Business Messaging Can Heat Profits and Cool Frustrations in the HVAC Industry

The field services industry, including HVAC companies, can modernize operations with an omnichannel contact center providing enhanced messaging and chatbot integration.


03 June 2021

Engaging with Customers and Tending to the Chickens

While the idea of operating a contact center with staff who work from home in the suburbs or even rural neighborhoods was foreign and unheard of just a little more than a year ago, it’s today’s reality, and businesses must adapt with flexible disruptive technology.


21 May 2021

How Standards-Based AI-Powered Analytics Drive Network Automation and Business for CSPs

As CSPs embark on a journey to transform themselves into Digital Service Providers (DSPs), a key enabler for success will be network automation powered by Analytics and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) as part of 5G deployments.


23 March 2021

Rip-and-Replace Opens the Door for Wireless Industry

The U.S. government has allocated $1.9B for the rip-and-replace program. The program aims at compensating carriers that remove equipment that is deemed risky for national security. This will benefit the U.S. wireless industry to leverage OpenRAN, open interfaces, and element interoperability.