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Open RAN: Democratizing Network Access

Open RAN is bridging developing markets and underserved areas with network access. For MNOs it is an opportunity to experiment with new vendors and architectures, open new business opportunities but also find a new purpose to Open RAN.


Ready to Implement Open RAN? There are Three Emerging Variations.

“The industry continues to embrace Open RAN—it’s clearly the future of mobile networks. But what exactly is true Open RAN, and how do CSPs know which of the three emerging variations is right for their network: Open Fronthaul RAN, Disaggregated Open vRAN, or Cloud Open vRAN?”


How the US Military Is Becoming Open Ran’s Greatest American Ally

US government officials from DoD and NTIA, involved with the 5G Challenge program believe Open RAN technology has the opportunity to make 5G networks more secure, more efficient and, potentially, cheaper. Mavenir is one of the winners of the Challenge developing a fully integrated multivendor end-to-end 5G network.


Mavenir, Northeastern University Offer Open RAN Simulator

Mavenir’s Bejoy Pankajakshan, catches up with Fierce Wireless – to discuss why the Open RAN simulator is good news for developers and third parties, as they build and test applications for open RAN-compliant software.


Mavenir Begins 5G Open RAN Manufacturing in India

Mavenir is embarking on manufacturing state of art radios for India and the world. The motivation to undertake such an investment in India is due to the actions taken by the government of India in the last year in the manufacturing and building of the local ecosystem of telecom.


Sonic Labs Webinar: How Open RAN Can Open the Door to Innovation

Mavenir’s Stefano Cantarelli, joins officials from Ofcom , DCMS and other market leaders to discuss how the Radio access network (RAN) Intelligent Controller (RIC) provides exciting innovation opportunities to drive efficiencies in telecoms, such as network optimisation through the application of artificial intelligence (AI).