The Quad Open RAN Forum will continue the dialogue on Open RAN, bringing together government and industry leaders to discuss progress including financing deployments at scale, opportunities for Open RAN in the Indo-Pacific region, and partnering with governments and stakeholders outside of the Quad countries.


With years of hype, it seems that O-RAN has missed the mark, based on public wins. Have its open-source efforts been derailed by the power of vendor lock-in? Have fingers been burnt and promises broken? Is this a classic industry story, of delays but tangible improvements? This webinar aims to pull back the curtain, to discern the current state of the market and the art, and to determine the immediate roadmap for the technology.

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John Baker, Session: Open RAN and Federal Funding for Wireless Infrastructure, June 27
Dejan Leskaroski, Panel Discussion: Baby Steps, Non-Standalone Core vs. Standalone Core. When Can It Stand On Its Own? June 27

John Baker, SVP, Ecosystem Business Development, Mavenir
Dejan Leskaroski, VP and Head of Product Management, Packet Core, Mavenir
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