Mr. Schell has worked in the telecom industry for over 20 years having last served as Sprint Corporation’s Senior Vice President for Strategy and Corporate development and as a member of its Management Committee from 1989-2000. Mr. Schell played a leading role in the founding of Sprint PCS, (a Sprint, TCI, Cox and Comcast partnership) for which he also provided strategic oversight on behalf of Sprint. Prior to joining Sprint, Mr. Schell was the founder, President and CEO of Realcom Communications Corporation, which was established in 1983 and acquired by IBM in 1987. Mr. Schell also founded and serves as Chairman of Enforta, Russia’s largest and fastest growing wireless broadband access company since 2003. Mr. Schell is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Mavenir, Peerless Networks, ENA and ERTelecom. He was previously a member of the Board of Directors of Airvana, Tekelec, Time Warner Telecom, Clearwire, RCN, Comverse Technology, PGi, TNS and Flag.