IoT Initiatives

Mavenir’s IoT initiatives are based on the combination of a partner ecosystem and Mavenir’s own technology that enables our mobile network operator customers to offer end-to-end IoT solutions to enterprises from a broad range of industry verticals.

IoT Initiatives

At the heart of Mavenir’s IoT solution stack, our core network and radio-access network solutions enable network operators to build out the architecture they need to support the full potential for IoT.

IoT Applications

Working with a partner ecosystem, Mavenir enables operators to address a wide range of vertical industries such as manufacturing, fleet management, retail, banking, energy, health, smart cities and more. Device hardware, device applications and network side applications work together to enable the enterprise to leverage the power of IoT for mobile and static, rural and urban, local and global use-cases.

IoT Enablement

Mavenir’s IoT Gateway and service-capability exposure function (SCEF) deliver the APIs needed by the enterprise application. In addition, they also provide the means for provisioning and managing the fleet of IoT connected devices.

IoT Core-to-Edge Network Architecture

Mavenir’s 4G and 5G network cores and radio access solutions naturally support the architectures needed for IoT: cloud deployment (NFV), network slicing and software-defined networks (SDN), and IoT specific radio-access protocols (LTE-M, NB-IoT etc) delivered by cloud-based radio-access (RAN). Importantly, Mavenir’s focus on cloud-based solutions provide the pathway to multi-access edge computing (MEC).

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