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To enjoy the full meeting experience of Mavenir Connect, using the Mavenir Connect web, desktop or mobile apps is recommended. However, if you need to dial in from a phone, Mavenir Connect has enabled meeting dial in numbers in the following international locations:


United States: +1 (972) 685-1666


Brazil: +55 (21) 3828-0380
Mexico: +52 55 8526 1808


Czech Republic: +420 234 102 183
France: +33 1 72 01 20 86
Germany: +49 228 286 59661
Italy: +39 069 7639850
Netherlands: +31 20 262 57 43


Australia: +61 2 8317 6299  /  +61 3 8399 9118
Japan: +81 3 6866 2809

NOTE: International numbers coming soon. These numbers are subject to change. Always refer to this page for the latest valid dial-in numbers.

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