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06 October 2021

Private Networks: A New Paradigm for Network Operators

The use cases and applications for Private Networks are endless, and whilst it’s fun to explore the exciting opportunities now possible with LTE and 5G, as network software providers in this space, we still get asked … why should one bother with Private Networks? What are the true motivational factors driving the uptake of Private Networks? What’s in it for the MNO & for the Enterprise when the monetization models are so different for each party?


30 June 2021

Private Networks

Enterprises and industries want to take advantage of the high performance and low latency of 5G networks. Mavenir’s Private Network solutions unleash the power of the network to deliver secure, reliable, and scalable solutions and unlock the innovative potential of 5G.


26 May 2021

Mobile World Live Preview Week: Private Networks Delivering on the 5G Dream

This webinar will focus on the key enablers that are bringing these networks to life, and feature actual deployment/use case settings that showcase the private 5G network dream.


25 November 2020

Why Demand for Enterprise Private Networks is on the Rise

With the need for secure, cost-efficient networks, the demand for enterprise private networks is on the rise.


28 July 2020

Private Networks: Increasing Access to Low-Cost Spectrum in the US

Mavenir’s end-to-end 4G/5G system and CBRS ready solution, based on cloud-first and open architecture principles, is highly suited to address both mass scale private enterprise use cases as well as bespoke high-end use cases for advanced industries.


CBRS/OnGo Private Networks

Shared Spectrum: Taking Control of Your Own Networks Mavenir’s OnGo-certified CBRS offering is designed to fulfill communication needs and address business critical


22 December 2021

Mavenir: On Understanding the AWS Private 5G Announcement, and What It Means for 5G and the Increased Roll out of Private Networks

Mavenir’s Bejoy Pankajakshan offers his perspective on the AWS Private 5G announcement and its impact on 5G.

press release

24 June 2021

Mavenir and Qualcomm Collaborate to Deliver Open RAN 4G/5G Indoor and Outdoor Radio Solutions for Public and Private Networks

Mavenir and Qualcomm collaborate to develop indoor/outdoor solutions for both private and public network deployments, broadening choices for Open RAN.