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11 October 2021

Legacy Networks and Open RAN – A Meeting of the Two Minds

Watch Mavenir’s John Baker, SVP Business Development participate in the “Legacy Networks and Open RAN – A Meeting of the Two Minds” panel discussion that took place at the Open RAN Summit event.


14 September 2021

Open RAN Forum: Closing the Performance Gap

Watch Mavenir’s Stefano Cantarelli, EVP, CMO participate in the “Closing the Performance Gap” panel discussion at the Open RAN Forum held on September 14th.


02 June 2021

5G Realised: The Open Telco and Open RAN: Diversifying the Telecoms Supply Chain

Panel Session: The Open Telco & Open RAN: Diversifying the Telecoms Supply Chain. Panel participation by Stefano Cantarelli, EVP & CMO at Mavenir


17 May 2021

RIC as the Next Generation SON for Open RAN and More

From the base station controller (BSC) to 3GPP self-organizing networks (SON), the radio access network intelligent controller (RIC) becomes the next-gen SON for all Gs.


11 May 2021

What’s the Best Way to Get to Open RAN?

This paper examines how operators using Open RAN with different transport costs and can maximize pooling gains for different 5G cell profiles.


04 May 2021

Open RAN

Mavenir is a pioneer in Open RAN network architecture. Open RAN is an approach that is driving innovation and interoperability, producing more secure networks through Open standards and compliance and giving operators freedom of choice in designing and building their networks.


19 February 2021

Open RAN: Mature and Ready for Deployment

Open RAN architecture improves security and optimizes costs by leveraging cloud technology with AI/ML, and more.


12 October 2021

Future-Proof Your Network with Open RAN and Interoperability

Want to deploy new network technologies at the speed of software? Learn how through Open RAN and Interoperability.


03 March 2021

Key Security Differentiators in Open RAN

Open interfaces defined in the O-RAN technical specifications provide increased independent visibility and the opportunity for an overall enhanced and more secure system.


19 February 2021

Open RAN Security Based on Zero Trust Architecture

A zero trust architecture (ZTA) is a cybersecurity architecture that is based on zero trust principles and designed to prevent data breaches and limit internal lateral movement. Support of a zero-trust architecture requires each O-RAN component to comply with established functionalities and protections. O-RAN Alliance [6] has identified several guiding principles.