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18 March 2021

Heavy Reading’s Cloud-Native 5G Core Operator Survey

This report presents the findings from the Heavy Reading Cloud-Native 5G Core Operator Survey, conducted in Winter 2021.


15 November 2021

VoNR – Voice in the Wilderness, or the Biggest Change Ever?

Transitioning to 5G is not just about super-fast data speeds. CSPs are also evaluating the benefits and challenges of voice over new radio (VoNR). Brandon Larson shares thoughts on how CSPs can embrace the operational changes they will need to make.


23 September 2021

Why Any Cloud is Better Than No Cloud

Whether you’re considering a public, private, or hybrid cloud, find out how cloud-native solutions, built from the ground up for the telecommunications industry, can help maximize revenue.


26 May 2021

The Key Considerations for IMS and 5G

5G is changing everything and driving the move to cloud-native IMS. The industry pace toward IT trends is picking up. Understand the key benefits of having all workloads working on the same cloud-based environment.


28 April 2021

How DSPs Can Accelerate Speed to Market for New Services

Telcos need to start thinking more creatively about digital services. Future opportunities for digital services providers (DSPs) include how DSPs can accelerate their efforts, identify most appropriate services, and speed up time to market.


24 March 2021

Survey Says: What Lies Ahead for 5G

Mavenir highlights key findings from Heavy Reading’s Cloud-Native 5G Core Operator Survey.


03 March 2021

Key Security Differentiators in Open RAN

Open interfaces defined in the O-RAN technical specifications provide increased independent visibility and the opportunity for an overall enhanced and more secure system.


08 February 2021

Open RAN Leads to MORE Secure Networks

At the heart of Open RAN is the use of cloud native architecture, the same architecture that is the bedrock of today’s internet and public cloud. Open RAN is built on a cloud native platform with clear responsibilities and accountability established between hardware/infrastructure suppliers, a hybrid-cloud platform supplier, and RAN software suppliers. It enables network operators to select suppliers that meet all the required industry security standards and certifications


RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC)

To help mobile operators make the best use of network resources, Mavenir developed the Open RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC), uniquely designed with


Cloud-Native IMS

Mavenir’s Cloud-Native IMS helps CSPs evolve all mobile voice services and modernize operations in any private, public, or hybrid clouds. The leader