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Virtualization is a means for mobile operators to fundamentally change the cost equation for how next generation networks will be built and managed. While virtualization is a mature technology in the IT industry, it is in the early stage of adoption by mobile operators; however the drivers to move from a hardware-based deployment model to a software-based deployment model are compelling.

Advances in the performance of general purpose computing platforms have made it possible to meet mobile operator requirements for scale and reliability in software, rather than having to pay price premiums for purpose-built hardware. Software-based solutions provide the service agility and deployment flexibility needed to speed time-to-market for new services, to easily scale capacity and to achieve economies of scale.

Mavenir's Virtualized IMS Solutions for VoLTE and RCS

Mavenir brings its expertise in creating highly scalable and resilient IMS solutions to the technologies that are commonly used in large scale IT data centers. Mavenir’s fully virtualized portfolio includes IMS, EPC and SBC products that support a broad range of solutions in varying stages of commercial deployment such as Voice over LTE, Rich Communications and Mobile Core Networks. Key benefits of using virtualized solutions include:

  • more agile use of the network infrastructure
  • the ability to deploy and prove-in new services rapidly without large up front infrastructure costs
  • the avoidance of network upgrade costs associated with obsolescence of proprietary hardware

Deployment flexibility use cases, such as multi-tenancy and capacity elasticity, are primary drivers for virtualized IMS solutions. 

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Mavenir provides a fully virtualized end-to-end mobile core network product portfolio enabling a broad suite of 4G LTE voice, video, rich communications and data services.

Mavenir’s virtualized solutions are based on the mOne® Convergence Platform, which is a high-performance software platform that abstracts the underlying hardware platform. When deployed in a VMWare virtualization environment, Mavenir’s mCloud™ Manager uses the vCloud Director API to dynamically manage the cloud and enable elasticity capabilities that intelligently provision additional hardware resources in response to spikes in traffic, or to share hardware resources with other applications during scheduled windows of time. 

The transition to 4G LTE is revolutionary as operators cannot upgrade existing 2G/3G networks to IMS, rather they are building the next generation core network from scratch. By leveraging virtualized solutions from the outset of this transformation process, operator investments are focused on building a software-based core network on cloud-based infrastructure, which is the architectural objective of Network Function Virtualization (NFV).


Virtualization...on the path to NFV

Virtualization is the underlying technology to Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), which is a logical stepping stone from traditional hardware-based deployment models to NFV. The transformation is from traditional hardware-based deployment models to software-based, and then to cloud-based, i.e. NFV. By deploying virtualized solutions today, operators have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the technology and processes related to virtualization, while reaping the benefits of improved service agility, deployment flexibility and reduced CAPEX. Mavenir’s virtualized portfolio of solutions leverage NFV and SDN technologies for deployments on cloud-based infrastructure.


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