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SMS-MMS Solutions

Mavenir offers a range of solutions including an IP-SMSC, RMS, AirGate and AirMessenger solutions which meet all the requirements for capacity, layered functionality, service modularity and a future proof architecture to meet the growth requirements of SMS and MMS traffic.

Mavenir supports IP Messaging applications such as the 3GPP IP-SM-GW, Web Messaging, OMA Converged IP Messaging (CPM) and Rich Communication Services, providing a seamless evolution path towards enhanced Messaging.

Unique Business Value:

Service Monetization – Personalized SMS and MMS Services

Personalized services such as message forwarding, copying to SMS/MMS or Email, group messaging, auto reply and blacklist/white list provide richness control to the end users. The extension of SMS and MMS to web messaging, which offers both delivery and sending of messaging from the web and introduces the email-like inbox for easy access of mobile messaging from any browser, is a powerful differentiator to establish user loyalty. Operators can also add third party application such as spam filtering, personalized mobile advertising to improve the top-line for operators facing fierce competition and commoditization of SMS revenues.

Service Security – Network and Personal

Mavenir’s Network & Personal Security solution lets mobile operators deal with the dynamics of escalating and ever-changing threat vectors, while safeguarding the mobile network infrastructure, users and applications … and ultimately protecting profits. The Network & Personal Security solution builds a protective edge in the network that insulates the existing network infrastructure from current and future threat vectors. 

Cost Reduction – Messaging Network Optimization

Mavenir’s Messaging Network Optimization solution provides a cost effective way to build the infrastructure required to best meet evolving business demands and models. The tiered approach leverages best-of breed components to offer exceptional services, taking advantage of the investment made in the existing infrastructure and supporting a low-risk evolution to new technologies like SIP and RCS to provide the innovation needed to build brand value. The modularity of our products provides flexibility of deployment models and integration of new services. The architecture is inherently efficient – functional modules are engineered separately and only invoked as needed.


A Path to 4G - IP-SM-GW

Mavenir’s IP-SM-GW is a carrier-grade application server for seamless delivery of messaging between circuit-switched (CS) and packet-switched networks. IP-SM-GW acts as a bridge, managing the origination and termination of SMS between the IMS core and the CS network. Existing SMSC and MMSC will continue to be used, with the IP-SM-GW determining in which network domains the recipients reside. Based on our mOne® Convergence Platform, the IP-SM-GW can be expanded easily to support next –generation RCS services.


Solution Components and Features:

  • IP SMSC – for SMS routing, Personalized SMS services and SMPP gateway functionality.
  • Rich Messaging Server – for MMS routing, MMS interworking and full MMSC support for legacy 2G/3G mobiles.
  • AirMessenger® - a suite of products for SMS routing, store, security and personalized services.
  • AirGate - for multimedia messaging gateway