The Mavenir small cells solution maintains secure communications between the EPC and the "network of networks" of femtocells, picocells, and microcells, aggregating and redirecting traffic between base stations and between base stations and core network elements.

Significant Security Challenges

As operators look to increased deployment of small cells to increase capacity in high traffic areas, the aggregation and security requirements become higher and exponentially more complicated.  In addition to the sheer increase in security associations created with greater numbers of radios deployed, the deployment of small cell within buildings, on the outside of buildings, on outdoor light fixtures, and other non-traditional sites will also mean traffic will be backhauled more frequently on unfamiliar or "untrusted" networks. The serving gateways (S-GW,) responsible for connecting to and keeping active connections to now tens of thousands of eNode Bs/small cells, will struggle with maintaining throughput when processing high volumes of small encrypted packets from signaling traffic.

A Secure Edge

The Mavenir solution takes a cost-effective, proactive approach to traffic aggregation and security by creating a secure edge that ensures every small cell access to the core network is "trusted" without compromising network performance. Utilizing the Mavenir Security eXchange, a purpose-built, stand-alone multi-service platform that delivers line rate IPsec, the small cell solution enables operators to encrypt every bit traversing their network, including control plane, user plane, and management plane traffic, without compromising network performance.

Ensure LTE Success

There is a huge market for high-speed mobile data service on attractive form factors. The faster the network, the more usage these networks will see. Mobile network operators that approach LTE security with a view to handle that ever-growing and unpredictable traffic load will be in the best position to ensure continued profit.