Mavenir’s security solutions are built to protect CSPs’ networks from sophisticated security threats. Mavenir’s solution, provides 360-degree security and privacy protection, addressing many types of signaling network attacks, as well as spam and fraud exploits across the network.

Without doubt, cyber-security is a significant concern for providers and users of any IT system, and mobile telecoms is no exception.  In the GSMA’s “Mobile World Live Annual Survey 2017”, security was identified as the biggest issue currently facing the mobile industry, with most respondents (61%) seeing mobile CSPs as responsible for securing mobile. Moreover, providing security is not simply an exercise in providing protection just for subscribers: security is a fundamental necessity for securing the whole of the CSP's business.

Mavenir’s signaling security, fraud control and content filtering security solutions enable our CSP customers to secure their business by protecting the network, the services delivered and the subscribers that use them. Leveraging state-of-the art technologies, including machine-learning and near-real-time analytics, and supported with expert professional security services, Mavenir’s solutions provide security that is effective against today’s threat, and quick to adapt to mitigate new threats as they arise.