Mavenir provides the underlying 4G/5G core and access infrastructure that enables service providers to build a flexible, scalable and secure network that supports a multitude of connections, as well growing traffic from Internet of Things (IoT)

Mavenir’s optimized core network solutions help service providers reduce total cost of ownership and be ready for the next evolution of wireless.  Mavenir’s NFV services offer carrier grade and future-proof solutions for messaging, voice and security.

Mavenir’s infrastructure products are easily deployed within an NFV compliant cloud environment as Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs). These VNFs function as completely virtualized software applications and do not require proprietary hardware or appliances. Although Mavenir’s products are pre-integrated with Industry leading NFV MANO system vendors, they are designed to be NFV MANO agnostic by using industry standard interfaces and components to provide deployment, operation, maintenance, support and upgrade functionality.

Solutions Overview:

  • NFV/SDN Optimized Network Elements
  • 5G Capable Core Network
  • Mavenir Cloud Range™ MANO (Management and Orchestration) Suite
    • NFV Orchestrator
    • VNF Manager (VNFM)
    • Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM)
    • Aggregation
    • Load Balancing
  • Mavenir SmartC-RAN™ Solution
    • Flexible RRU and virtualized BBU. It is designed to operate in current 4.x LTE networks while equipped to deliver a smooth RAN migration to 5G.
    • The SmartSplit™ capability on the Fronthaul is designed to tolerate non-ideal connectivity options with a RTT delay up to 16ms, thereby expanding the connectivity options (e.g.  Ethernet, wireless etc.) – enabling network densification in 5G.
    • Supports CA (Carrier Aggregation) and LAA/LWA/LWIP for aggregation across Licensed and Unlicensed bands for eMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broadband) with up to 5 Carrier Aggregation and 1Gbps throughput.
    • Designed to comply with the LSA (Licensed Shared Access) and SAS (Spectrum Access System) for CBRS spectrum (~3.5GHz). This new spectrum sharing capability enables optimized usage of the spectrum and LTE deployment within the enterprise as a neutral host.