Mavenir's WebRTC Gateway enables service delivery of IMS core network services to WebRTC clients.

Mavenir’s WebRTC Gateway acts as a bridge between Web and mobile operator networks allowing mobile operators to extend their communication services to the Internet.  The Gateway provides interworking between IMS services and WebRTC clients. It can also enable real time communication interworking between various Web based communities and the mobile operator network.

WebRTC is a paradigm shift in the world of Web, where voice, video and data communications capabilities are now included natively in the Web browser. WebRTC allows quick and easy development of any communication application using simple APIs.

Unique Business Value:

The WebRTC Gateway translates between the Telco and the Web communication protocols.  It supports SIP interworking as well as HTTP-SIP conversion. The WebRTC Gateway offers simple HTTP REST based APIs that expose broad range of IMS based services.  Web developers can develop any application by using these simple APIs without having to understand the intricacies of the telecom network. The inbuilt connection and media handling capabilities of the WebRTC browser provide an alternative to building standalone clients. WebRTC applications can be developed using SIP or the HTTP REST APIs, both of which are supported by the WebRTC Gateway. The gateway also supports transcoding between the Web-based codecs and the codecs used in IMS network.

Based on Mavenir’s mOne® platform, the WebRTC Gateway leverages the underlying strong security, signaling and media handling capabilities. The gateway also provides the necessary framework to enable communications between endpoints behind NATs.  Equipped with charging, policy and Lawful Intercept interfaces, the Web Gateway readily situates in any IMS network.


  •     Real Time Service Interworking between IMS and WebRTC
  •     Secure access to IMS core network
  •     Enhance ROI of existing network assets by exposing their capabilities
  •     ‘Web Enable’ any service using open APIs
  •     Extend Rich Communication Services to any Web device
  •     Enrich Web applications with operator network services
  •     Develop new applications leveraging Web and operator assets with fast time to market
  •     Innovate with engaging customer experience