VoLTE is a crucial service for mobile operators, not only because of improvements in call quality that will create additional user demand and new revenue, but because VoLTE enables them to eventually terminate their legacy network infrastructures, consolidate voice traffic on the LTE network platform, and reduce overall costs.

Importantly, operators are expecting to position VoLTE as a premium service and a key differentiator against over-the-top VoIP service providers.

Fast and Secure VoLTE

Successful deployment of VoLTE necessitates substantial changes to a number of new and existing network elements, without impact on the quality of voice calls. The technical complexity that operators ultimately mastered in 3G networks now needs to be resolved again as operators prepare for VoLTE. These include interconnectivity with other LTE and non-LTE networks, roaming and call handoff.

This complex implementation will occur under a deepening threat environment. Widely publicized security breaches have heightened public awareness and sensitivity to any security or privacy intrusion. Operators will need to ensure protection of voice calls to maintain their reputation and service value.

Mavenir Security eXchange helps ensure VoLTE service continuity against malicious access, signaling overload, unexpected traffic peaks, and other network disruptions. Advanced features enable VoLTE delivery with the highest possible protection and lowest industry latency and jitter.

Protection without Latency

Mavenir Security eXchange is engineered to support the unique requirements of protecting and optimizing VoLTE traffic, providing encryption and other key functions with latency levels below 30 microseconds. In addition, subsecond line card failover restores encrypted voice sessions without any perceivable delay in the event of a network failure.

VoIP services are highly dependent upon control plane transactions to maintain active sessions, especially true with a dedicated guaranteed bit rate bearer to fulfill the QoS requirement. The Mavenir solution supports the higher priority level of VoLTE, providing further service continuity during high traffic or DoS attacks.

Bulletproof VoLTE

Operators must protect the EPC and VoLTE services against malicious attacks and unintentional service disruption such as network failures or signaling surges. Service disruption of any kind is not acceptable to LTE consumers and those paying a premium for VoLTE will demand even higher quality and reliability in return.

The Mavenir Security eXchange provides high security, low latency and uninterrupted service-- all critical factors for operator success with VoLTE.