Mavenir’s Unified Data Repository Front End (UDR-FE) is a 3GPP compliant database front-end solution for the converged user data repository in the mobile operators’ network.

With the rollout of 4G LTE and next generation of IMS-based communication services, convergence of various legacy and next-gen network nodes has become imperative for operators to carry out cost-effective network evolution. 3GPP has specified User Data Convergence (UDC) concept to have unified and consistent storage and data model for user data across 3G (HLR), 4G/LTE (HSS), Wi-Fi and IMS (HSS), AAA, ENUM and other network elements. The UDC model comes to fruition with the application front-end integration that simplifies network topology and interfaces and enables seamless service execution.

Mavenir’s UDR-FE is the data-less application front-end implementation to support HSS and ENUM functions in full compliance to 3GPP specifications. Adhering to UDC concept of supporting layered architecture and application modularity, HSS and ENUM FEs provide the abstraction to separate the user data storage from the application logic while providing architectural flexibility to be deployed together or as standalone functional entities.  

Mavenir’s HSS FE provides the Home Subscription Server front-end function to support IMS subscriptions. The data less HSS FE can interface with any 3GPP standards compliant 3rd party UDR via standard LDAP interface for fetching the subscriber data. The HSS FE seamlessly enables HSS functions such as “mobility management”, “authentication & ciphering” and support for “routing and addressing” with the scale and resiliency needed to avoid any data bottleneck.

Mavenir’s ENUM FE enables E.164 number mapping function for Tel URI to SIP URI conversion by providing data less interface to number portability dataset in UDR. As telecom industry moves towards IP based communication services, ENUM FE helps building all-IP interconnect and future proof automated routing for next-gen services. It supports the number portability function and also acts as ENUM proxy by forwarding the requests to external ENUM servers.

Mavenir’s UDR-FEs are virtualized on carrier grade, software based mOne® convergence platform for high availability, scalability and performance.

Key Features & Benefits

  •     3GPP Compliant for UDR-FE functions and HSS and ENUM feature-sets
  •     Independently scalable data-less application front-end implementation
  •     Configurable customization option for 3rd party UDRs
  •     Virtualized software based solution
  •     Deployment flexibility at operator’s premise with support for ATCA, COTS or cloud based deployment
  •     Highly scalable carrier-grade solution with HA and reliability characteristics