SSX-3000 is a purpose-built hardware / software platform on which Mavenir security gateway solutions are delivered.

The modular five slot system combines leading edge commercial silicon in an innovative "one hop" architecture and Mavenir's operating system, to provide a range of packet processing functions with industry leading KPIs. The SSX-3000 delivers fundamental feature, price, and performance advantages in an operationally efficient, multi-service network element.

The eco-friendly SSX-3000 is highly reliable with no single point of failure, employing the latest high availability design principles. The SSX has been battle tested through years of high growth LTE network operations and is delivering greater than 99.999% availability.

System Overview

The SSX-3000 has five slots. Two slots can be used for management cards (one redundant) and up to four are available for Mavenir's unique "one hop" line rate capacity, packet processing line cards. The SSX-3000 offers a comprehensive set of field replaceable components and several high availability configurations to ensure non-stop service. Hot swappable components include line cards (GLC4 and XGLC20), power entry modules, IP management card (IMC) and fans.

There is dedicated hardware for routing on the IMCs and several subsystems for packet forwarding and processing on each line card. The two functions are separated, so one subsystem does not affect the other during peak load events. Non-stop forwarding is supported whereby packet forwarding continues through switchover from primary to secondary IMCs.

Line Cards

Two hot swappable line cards are available for the 5 rack unit SSX-3000 chassis. The GLC4 line card provides 4 Gbps of capacity (FD) for all available packet processing functions and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. The XGLC20 provides five times greater capacity (20 Gbps FD) in the same 5 RU chassis with 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. The XGLC20 is completely compatible with existing SSX-3000 chassis, IMC management cards, and current SSX power modules and fans. This means that operators with SSX-3000 deployments today, using the highly capable GLC line card, can step up throughput capacity without changing network element footprint, operating system or other hardware components.

IP Management Cards (IMC)

The IP Management Cards run the centralized functions and the system management processes. IMCs can be configured with 1:1 redundancy.

Mavenir's OS

Mavenir OS provides a highly scalable set of functions ranging from authentication and encryption, tunnel termination, traffic and service classification), QoS, charging and reporting, policy enforcement, access control, and routing. This rich set of functions, all performing at line rate, enables the SSX-3000 to be deployed for many mobile broadband access gateway roles. The OS is a hardened operating system with process auto-recovery for high availability.

Mobile Border Agent™ is an intelligent software agent that works with Mavenir Security Gateway  to further support the protection and optimization goals of the operator.

Mobile Border Agent includes four primary characteristics.

  • Multi-Dimensional Awareness: Continually monitors S1 packets and correlates user plane, control plane, RAN and session volume, state, and other data to identify anomalies and support network goals.
  • Reference Network Model: Maintains a reference model of connected eNodeBs and core elements, normal network conditions, and threshold parameters that define reporting and action triggers.
  • Policy-based Enforcement Action: Enacts specific actions to protect service availability and network assets, interacting with other EPC elements such as PCRF to obtain guidance or output results, as desired.
  • Data Collection/Reporting: Collects data and reports back to network operators, providing a comprehensive perspective of the network.

Leveraging its strategic location in the LTE network, Security eXchange with Mobile Border Agent conducts stateful analysis of the specific protocols used in the RAN to EPC mobile access border. The solution provides a powerful perspective with control plane, user plane, session and RAN visibility that is not available on other network elements.

"One Hop" Minimizes Latency and Jitter

Mavenir integrates all packet and control processing subsystems on every line card. Mavenir's "one hop" architecture eliminates the shuttling of packets from box-to-box or blade-to-blade for processing, dramatically reducing system latency. Resulting latency in the SSX is measured at less than 30 microseconds. Latency for competitor systems is measured in tens of milliseconds (1000 µseconds).

Mavenir Systems Manager

The Mavenir Systems Manager™ reduces the cost and complexity of deploying Mavenir solutions, outfitting the operators with a browser-based, graphical user interface for managing their network of SSX-3000s gateways.

Performance without Compromise

The SSX-3000 is provisioned to deliver line rate services, across a broad range of packet sizes – including IPsec encryption/decryption. The distributed architecture removes contention for processing resources found in centralized systems, improving consistency in processing time and reducing jitter. In the SSX, throughput, subscribers, and services all scale linearly. No more sizing gymnastics, trading off subscriber density and throughput for functionality. The SSX has been market proven, through years of live LTE network deployment, to offer greater than 99.999% availability.