Networks are changing to support new services such as broadband access, multimedia content, and web services. This means that network services and signaling must evolve to support new and enhanced IP-based services while providing interoperability with today’s networks and applications.

Signalware SS7/SIGTRAN signaling technology enables network elements to deliver 2G, 3G, 4G and hybrid services. Signalware SS7/SIGTRAN supports the development and deployment of applications that can evolve from SS7 to IP oriented SIGTRAN. It is fully compliant with SIGTRAN and SS7 standards and offers a common interface between the two, enabling application developers to write an application once and deliver it effortlessly between SIGTRAN/SS7 variants, operating systems, and hardware platforms.

Signalware SS7/SIGTRAN is a middleware-based advanced signaling services platform for application creation and delivery. Signalware SS7/SIGTRAN enables many of the most important services in hundreds of fixed and wireless networks. Compliant with standards including IETF, 3GGP, 3GGP2, ANSI, ETSI, ITU, NTT, TTC, Telcordia, TIA, and assorted variants, Signalware SS7/SIGTRAN provides a unified framework for delivering carrier-grade Messaging, Payment, IN, Roaming, Mobility, Mobile Data, Subscriber Data Management, Authentication, and Location services for 2G, 3G, and HSPA/HSPA+ networks.

Mavenir's Signalware SS7/SIGTRAN software enables customers to maximize the benefits of converging SS7 and IP technology. By providing a common interface across both SS7 and SIGTRAN, Signalware SS7/SIGTRAN enables application developers to write an application once and move it effortlessly between variants of standards, major operating systems, and hardware platforms. Further, when used in conjunction with Mavenir's Signalware Diameter, hybrid SS7/SIGTRAN/Diameter applications can be created to bridge legacy networks with 4G (LTE/EPC, WiMAX and IMS).

Some of the network elements enabled by Signalware SS7/SIGTRAN include: SMSC, SMLC, GMLC, Prepaid Charging System, Online Charging System, SCP, SDP, SGSN, SG, MSC, IM-SSF, Softswitch, Voice Application Server, Service Broker, HLR, EIR, GLR, AAA Server, and WLAN Gateway.

Using Mavenir's Signalware SS7/SIGTRAN provides the reliability of an established industry leader for our customers’ signaling needs, allowing them to focus their efforts on the creation of new applications. This lowers internal costs and reduces time to market, delivering competitive advantage.

Key Benefits

  • Signalware offers Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEM) an unparalleled combination of scalability, global interoperability, fault tolerance, and carrier-grade reliability on open computing platforms.
  • Communications Service Providers (CSP) can protect their core network investments and reduce OpEx by extending, adapting, and optimizing signaling solutions independent of the underlying signaling technology.
  • System Integrators (SI) can use Signalware SS7/SIGTRAN to create new enhanced services including mobile communications service integrations.
  •  Independent Software Vendors (ISV) benefit by developing on the most widely deployed signaling application development platform in the industry.