The Signalware Network Router can be deployed to address a number of SS7 and SIGTRAN routing challenges in a reliable and cost effective manner.


  •     Replace outmoded STP that has reached end of life.
  •     Replace outmoded STP that has enormous maintenance/support costs.
  •     Replace outmodes STP that cannot meet the performance demands without costly upgrades.


  •     Incrementally replace existing STPs with Signalware NR Core STP functionality.
  •     Assuming STPs are deployed in quads, an incremental replacement strategy allows for introduction of new / replacement of old STPs with no network impacts.


  •     The Signalware NR STP uses state of the art equipment running on the Linux Operating System.
  •     It provides cost effective support for Sigtran, enabling retirement of costly TDM links where practical.
  •     The cost/performance benefits and reduce cost benefits are substantial  when compared to continued use of existing products – perhaps offsetting the entire cost of the replacement.