The Signalware Network Router can be deployed to address a number of SS7 and SIGTRAN routing challenges in a reliable and cost effective manner.


  •     Deploy new applications onto an existing network with minimal disruption of the core network .
  •     Manage dynamically upgradable soft switches. Reconfigure CIC routing without core network disruption.
  •     Minimize point code consumption and SS7 link costs.

The Mavenir Solution

  •     Using Signalware Network Router as a Signaling Gateway with Virtual STP functionality, deploy a Signaling Hub.
  •     This approach enables modifications to the infrastructure at the edge of the signaling network with minimal impact to the core.


  •     Minimizes point code consumption and SS7 link consumption, lowering cost.
  •     Minimizes impact to core network provisioning.
  •     Creates a high speed island for new services, isolating their inter-application traffic from the core.
  •     Reduces provisioning, maintenance and interoperability testing costs associated with adding new network nodes.