Mavenir’s Short Message Gateway (SMSC) is a 3GPP/3GPP2 compliant SMSC designed to provide a transition path for operators’ messaging modernization.

As operators face challenges with the cost model or end-of-life situation of their legacy SMSCs, it provides multiple flexible options to offload all types of SMS traffic at lower TCO without disrupting or requiring changes in the legacy platforms.

Mavenir’s SMSC is built as a component of its converged messaging platform, Rich Messaging Server (RMS) that delivers true convergence of IP and legacy messaging to operators to transform their messaging infrastructure. Its modular architecture with flexible service enablement and deployment options allows operators to replace existing SMSC or its components while setting the path to seamlessly build modern messaging core. Based upon Mavenir’s flagship  mOne® convergence platform, RMS also enables a fully virtualized, highly scalable, carrier grade solution that can be deployed on cloud-based infrastructure.  

With support for Mobile Originated/Terminated (MO/MT), Application Originated/Terminated (AO/AT), First Delivery Attempt (FDA) messaging, interfaces with multi-vendor HLRs/MSCs, prepaid/postpaid billing options, spam/fraud protection and many more features, Mavenir’s SMSC provides seamless legacy parity while enabling IP interconnect for future-proof replacement of legacy SMSCs.

Key Features & Benefits

  •     3GPP and 3GPP2 compliant
  •     Supports MO/MT, AO/AT messaging
  •     Supports both Store and Forward and First Delivery Attempt methods
  •     Feature rich delivery options based upon retries and other operator defined policies
  •     Home Network Routing
  •     Multi-SIM support
  •     SMPP 3.4 compliant
  •     Prepaid/Postpaid billing
  •     Anti-Fraud checks and Spam protections
  •     Fully virtualized software based solution
  •     Modular architecture with deployment flexibility based upon regional or legacy requirements