Mavenir’s Service Centralization and Continuity Application Server (SCC AS) helps mobile operators provide a consistent and positive user experience for Voice over LTE (VoLTE) subscribers when they move between LTE to non-LTE coverage areas.

The SCC-AS enables session control in the IMS home network for all the UE originated and terminated voice sessions regardless of the network access type (PS or CS). For all controlled sessions SCC AS plays the role of Back to Back User Agent (B2BUA) mediating all SIP signaling from the establishment till call termination.

The SCC AS provides support for Single Radio (SRVCC) and Dual Radio (DRVCC), PS to CS access transfers. SCC AS is an evolution of Voice Call Continuity (VCC) AS, which was originally defined as part of IMS Centralized Services (ICS) solution (3GPP TS 23.292). Using methods defined by 3GPP in ICS solution, the user sessions are anchored in IMS/SCC AS and thus service consistency is ensured. SCC AS supports routing logic for Terminating Sessions using powerful Terminating-Access Domain Selection ( T-ADS) algorithm which takes into account the status of existing sessions (CS or PS), IMS Registration status, underlying access network capabilities, and UE capabilities.

The SCC AS also includes a 3GPP TS 23.206 compliant VCC component that provides Domain Selection Function (DSF), Domain Transfer Function (DTF), CS Adaptation Function (CSAF), and CAMEL Services.

The SCC AS is a logical IMS application server that runs on Mavenir's flagship mOne® Convergence Platform and is fully virtualized like all other Mavenir products. It can be deployed as a standalone AS or can be integrated to Mavenir's MMTEL AS, and Telephony Application Server (TAS).

Key Features & Benefits

  •     Compliant to 3GPP TS 23.237 and IR.64 for SCC and SRVCC functionality
  •     Support for IMS Centralized Services as per 3GPP TS 23.292/24.292
  •     Support for eSRVCC procedures as defined by 3GPP R10
  •     Fully virtualized, software based
  •     Standalone AS or Integrated with MMTEL AS
  •     Support for Voice as well as video sessions