Mavenir’s Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC) is a 3GPP and OMA standards based implementation for rich multimedia messaging service.

Designed with a converged IP based messaging architecture, it enables a cost-effective and incremental transition path for mobile operators who want to modernize their messaging infrastructure while dealing with misaligned revenue/operating cost model or end-of-life situation with their existing MMSC investments.

Mavenir’s MMSC is developed as a component of its converged messaging platform, Rich Messaging Server (RMS) that provides future-proof seamless messaging convergence and delivers key architectural benefits. By separating bearer and control plane functions, it allows operators to offload MM1, MM3, MM4 and MM7 traffic in optimal fashion as they plan to cap legacy services. Based upon Mavenir’s flagship mOne® convergence platform, RMS also enables fully virtualized, highly scalable, carrier grade solution that can be deployed on cloud-based infrastructure.  

By migrating to Mavenir’s MMSC, operators gain additional benefits of interworking with RCS and RCSe enablers such as Converged IP Messaging (CPM) and Message Store. It is also architected to support various MVNO models with configurable flexibility for IMSI allocation, email domains, MM7 applications, and administrative and billing interfaces. With legacy feature parity and IMS integration, Mavenir’s MMSC is the preferred choice of mobile operators globally for transforming their existing multimedia messaging services.

Key Features & Benefits

  •     3GPP and OMA compliant for standard MMS interfaces: MM1, MM3, MM4 and MM7
  •     Integration interfaces for ENUM DNS, SMTP, SOAP, STI Transcoding, Lawful Intercept
  •     Support for online/off-line, prepaid/postpaid charging models
  •     Fully virtualized software based solution
  •     Modular architecture with deployment flexibility based upon regional, legacy or MVNO requirements