Mavenirl’s Converged Message Store (mStore™) is a fully compliant OMA CPM message store server. It is available both as a standalone network-based message store product and integrated with Mavenir’s converged messaging platform, Rich Messaging Server (RMS) products.

In both options, its open interface architecture provides operators flexibility to integrate and launch new communication services with multi-device and multi-mode access.

Aligned with RCS 5.1 specifications, Mavenir’s mStore™ enables a single point access and management for user’s videomail, voicemail, CPM/SMS/MMS messages and other communication data. It provides both long-term persistent and temporary storage for message archiving and multi-device synchronization.

It supports IMAP for enabling coherent multi-device synchronization and REST APIs for web access. As operators try to modernize their messaging infrastructure and offer new compelling services, mStore™ provides the foundation for rationalizing legacy message stores with a converged Inbox and seamless access for their end users.

Architected to scale for hundreds of millions of users with storage hungry applications, Mavenir’s mStore is built for low latency, high throughput and high availability requirements of operators. Its multi-purpose utilization, standards compliance and adaptable approach have established it as the best message store solution for fixed and mobile operators globally.

Key Features & Benefits

  •     OMA CPM Message Store v1.0, 2.0 and GSMA RCS 5.1 compliant with open interface to integrate with any communication service
  •     Multi-purpose storage for numerous types of communication data including CPM, SMS, MMS, Voice-Mail and Video-Mail
  •     Automatic data synchronization with multiple endpoints
  •     Simultaneous secure access from multiple end user devices with proper support for authentication and authorization policies
  •     Client access via IMAP4
  •     REST APIs enabling web access
  •     Configurable policy based storage access and management
  •     Fully virtualized software based solution with deployment flexibility