Mavenir's Media Resource Function (MRF) is a converged multimedia services platform to enable media services for IMS applications.

Even though individual communication services can have their own multimedia processing capability, operators can avoid these redundancies with consistent service delivery through MRF. 3GPP has defined the MRF component of IMS to solve this issue of silo’d services for media processing.

Mavenir's MRF provides enhanced communication experience with efficient processing and management of media streams such as voice, video, text-to-speech etc. and real-time multimedia transcoding and recording functions. Its broad support for media types, processing features and interfacing options ensures that operators can quickly deploy interactive multimedia services on any access technology with inherent cost savings and rich communication experience.

Mavenir's MRF has extensive support for media processing features such as multimedia announcements and tones, multimedia conferencing, recording and playback along with voice quality enhancements and IP-to-IP transcoding. It also supports Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) to enable interfacing with external speech servers for Text-To-Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) services. It has comprehensive support for audio and video codecs with respective efficiency and quality improvements, stream connections, media-over-IP and IP QoS. Mavenir's MRF extends media processing technology into a flexible software-only product, providing operators with additional platform and deployment options. It provides highly scalable solution with carrier grade reliability and specific optimization for video conferencing, mobile video, LTE, VoLTE and various forms of transcoding services. Leveraging IMS infrastructure, it enables rich multimedia functions across multiple services to generate tremendous cost advantages to fixed and mobile operators.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Supports both SIP and H.248 control interface options with supplementary languages such as VoiceXML, Media Server Markup Language (MSML)
  • Broad range of audio (AMR-WB, AMR-NB, G.711, G.722, G.729AB) and video (H.263, H.264, MPEG4 part 2, integrated 3G-324M video) codecs support 
  • Multimedia announcements including ring-back tones in multiple languages
  • Multimedia conferencing with automatic and programmable gain control and many built-in features
  • Multimedia recording and playback support with programmable icon overlay, internal/external storage options
  • Multiple voice quality enhancement techniques with statistical analysis
  • Fully integrated IP-to-IP transcoding and support for Fax, Speech, Stream Connection, Media-over-IP, IP QoS and security features
  • Software-based solution with multiple platform and deployment options
  • Carrier grade highly scalable, fully optimized solution