Mavenir’s IP Message Gateway (IP-SM-GW) is 3GPP compliant server for SMS delivery over IP networks with all aspects of transport and service level interworking between SIP/IMS endpoints and legacy SMS networks.

As mobile networks evolve from circuit-switched to packet- switched all-IP networks, Mavenir’s IP-SM-GW provides SMS service continuity on LTE and non-cellular IP networks without requiring any changes in 2G/3G systems including existing SMSCs. Regardless of subscriber's device capability or network status, the IP-SM-GW enables end-to-end short message services transparently to subscriber's messaging service experience.   

Mavenir’s IP-SM-GW is developed as a component of its converged messaging platform, Rich Messaging Server (RMS) that delivers truly converged messaging to operators with intelligent routing, policy driven services and multiple domain delivery capabilities. Its innovative integration approach ensures that there is no upgrade required on SS7 networks, Point Code assignments, HLR and other legacy systems while easily enabling prepaid and postpaid billing system integration. The flexible deployment architecture of RMS platform provides operators with options to upgrade existing SMSCs with lower operating cost and integrated IP-SM-GW functionality. Based upon Mavenir’s flagship mOne® convergence platform, RMS is a  fully virtualized, highly scalable, carrier grade solution that can be deployed on cloud-based infrastructure.  

Mavenir’s leadership in VoLTE/VoWi-Fi space brings in unique value proposition to operators who want to deploy IP-SM gateway to complement their voice upgrades with seamless messaging service continuity. The IP-SM-GW is also architected to coexist with CPM and OMA SIMPLE IM to ensure operator’s successful transition to RCS services. Since its industry first commercial deployment for a tier-1 operator in November, 2011 to support IMS-based Voice and Text over WiFi solution, Mavenir’s IP-SM-GW has set the bar for global excellence.

Key Features & Benefits

  •     3GPP compliant for short message interworking between SIP/IMS endpoints and legacy SMS network
  •     Support for both transport and service level interworking
  •     Home Network Routing
  •     Multi-SIM support
  •     Anti-Fraud checks and Spam protections
  •     Fully virtualized software based solution
  •     Modular architecture with deployment flexibility based upon regional, legacy or MVNO requirements