Mavenir’s IMS-PBX solution solves business needs while protecting mobile operators’ IMS investments with converged consumer and business services

Mavenir’s IMS-PBX solution integrates voice, video, presence/IM, messaging, and voice and video conferencing across multiple devices for a seamless unified communications experience. It allows SMB customers to connect with and manage their smart phones, fixed lines, and web-based devices seamlessly.

Within an operator’s network the IMS-PBX enables:

  • A simple, intuitive solution for SMBs that aligns with their daily routine and addresses critical features without requiring specific learning and dedicated resources to manage various aspects of the solution such as onboarding, day-to-day functions and account management
  • Fully integrated enhancements on IMS application servers to enable next generation business and consumer services with minimal disruptions to operator infrastructure while enabling simplified operations, customer care and billing for these services
  • Open APIs and WebRTC to facilitate communication-enabled business and consumer applications to ensure consistent user and business identity and reachability across multiple devices and personas

Key Capabilities

  • Ability to use the same mobile device for business and personal use by having multiple lines associated with that device
  • Standard business calling features including auto attendant, hunt groups, music-on-hold, extension dialing, call transfer/forwarding/3-way calling
  • Access and perform all voice and messaging communication activities for a line from smartphone, tablet and PC
  • Call queuing and hunting based upon user presence and self-defined policies
  • Audio/video conferencing, ad-hoc group calling, predefined and ad-hoc group based messaging and chat, content/screen sharing
  • Self or customer-care managed onboarding portal to migrate, setup, and manage SMB accounts
  • Role based access to overall account and individual line specific feature management
  • Fully virtualized, highly scalable software-based solution that can be deployed on cloud-based infrastructure