Mavenir’s Home Subscriber Server (HSS) is a scalable, software-only solution that provides real-time access to subscriber profile information.

The HSS provides an extensible centralized repository for storing all subscriber related profile information (IMS and EPC) that can easily be adapted to provide new and innovative services.

The HSS is based on Mavenir's software based mOne® convergence platform which is a carrier grade platform providing the frame work for all of the Mavenir product portfolio. This common platform allows new features and functions to be easily developed and shared between products. The HSS provides a number of interfaces that allow new services to be rapidly created and integrated into the operators OA&M network.


The HSS can be deployed in a number of different configurations HSS FE, ENUM FE and a Standalone HSS. The HSS and ENUM FE are both data less application front ends which interface to a 3rd party centralized UDR (Unified Data Repository).

  •     The HSS FE manages and controls the access to the UDR and can support different data access technologies to integrate new UDR implementations.
  •     The ENUM FE can be either be configured as part of the HSS FE or as a standalone ENUM/DNS server.
  •     The Standalone HSS integrates the HSS FE functionality with a dedicated subscriber data repository that is tightly integrated into a single deployable solution.


The HSS is a software only virtualized solution which allows the operator to either deploy the HSS locally or in a private cloud. Mavenir closely aligns with the NFV standards and provide cloud management capabilities to simplify the management and deployment of new services.

The HSS can be deployed for IMS and/or EPC.