Mavenir’s evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG) is a 3GPP compliant solution for enabling secure connection between devices and the mobile operator’s Evolved Packet Core (EPC) over an untrusted non-3GPP access network.

Globally, operators are trying to manage mobile subscriber’s demand for ubiquitous service access while dealing with tremendous surge in mobile data usage. This has led to various on-net/off-net strategies to increase service reach and manage traffic load. One of the most significant approaches is offloading wireless traffic over Wi-Fi, Femto- or Small-cells that are connected to the EPC via untrusted 3rd party access networks such as DSL, Cable, FTTH, etc. Mavenir’s ePDG enables seamless roaming between 3GPP and untrusted access networks with a highly secure single point of entry into EPC.

With Mavenir’s leadership in Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) space, the ePDG is designed to support optimized packet processing, high throughput and per-user QoS to provide a transparent user experience regardless of access technology. It provides reliable handling of packet routing and forwarding functions with efficient IPSec tunnel implementation and policy enforcement. Built on top of the flagship mOne® convergence software platform, Mavenir’s ePDG provides fully virtualized, highly scalable, carrier-grade solution, which can also be deployed on cloud-based infrastructure and enables low cost of ownership. Its modular architecture provides distributed regional deployment flexibility to enable local point of entry for mobile devices.

Mavenir’s ePDG uses IPSec/Internet Key Exchange (IKE) v2 for tunnel termination and Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) framework with AKA mechanism for tunnel authentication and authorization functions with extensive support to provide protection from access attacks. With multiple successful deployments to extend next-gen IP services access over Wi-Fi without compromising user experience, Mavenir’s ePDG provides key features and benefits for mobile operators.  

Key Features

  •     3GPP Compliant for ePDG specifications
  •     Backhaul security through IPSec tunnels
  •     Seamless mobility between various access networks and WiFi
  •     EPA-AKA Authentication for UE accesses over generic WLAN hotspots
  •     Optimized packet processing, high throughput with per user QoS support
  •     Fully virtualized, highly scalable software based solutions
  •     Can be deployed on cloud-based infrastructure
  •     Modular architecture to support distributed regional deployments with local entry points
  •     PGW is anchor point for data sessions, making mobility transparent to the IMS network
  •     Combined SBC and ePDG functionality into a single platform
  •     Converged access for VoWi-Fi using VoLTE/VoWi-Fi phones as well as legacy VoIP phones and OTT clients that may be using TLS/SRTP


  •     Leverages operator investments in VoLTE to launch VoWi-Fi
  •     Extend and improve network coverage while offloading traffic from CS network
  •     Seamlessly connects LTE and Wi-Fi for mobile subscribers
  •     Provides mobility for subscribers that are on the move, without dropped calls or data