Mavenir's Equipment Identity Register (EIR) allows operators to control access to mobile networks, deterring device theft and fraud, and enables provisioning of optimized services based on device type.

This high-performance, 3GPP 22.016 compliant, EIR has advanced administrative and customer management capabilities allowing mobile operators use the EIR to perform checks and block any blacklisted mobile handset or equipment.

For North American operators, this allows compliance with the FCC mandate.

Unique amongst EIRs, Mavenir's EIR also allows operators to provide a range of extended services to improve user experience and increase revenue, such as locking subsidized handsets/equipment to specific SIM cards to ensure maintenance of subscriber contract agreements. Operators can detect and, if they choose, block cloned devices or SIM cards to eliminate fraud on their network. The EIR can be used to detect roaming subscribers from foreign networks and trigger pre-determined welcome roamer messages, encouraging network use and valuable revenue streams.

It is the first EIR that supports both GSM UMTS and LTE. The LTE release of Mavenir’s EIR prevents stolen devices from being used in existing 2G/3G networks as well as 4G.

Device Tracker functionality within the EIR allows operators to provide services optimized for the device, such as transcoding or ringtones, by detecting equipment make and model. EIR may also be used to trigger external service applications, based on subscriber, SIM and equipment information.

These extended service offerings are used by many of the world's leading operators to differentiate their services and drive additional revenues, making Mavenir's EIR the world's leading EIR solution.