The rapid evolution of LTE networks - from build-out to the delivery of advanced services such as VoLTE - has revealed new trouble spots at the junction of the mobile radio access network and the EPC, or S1 link.

Unexpected signaling spikes, initiated by poorly configured, over-the-top applications, malicious hackers, or localized outages, have been known to overload networks elements so much as to cause large-scale network outages.

Operators must protect their networks against abnormal traffic flows, whether intentionally generated or not.

The Mavenir EPC protection solution utilizes the Mobile Border Agent™ (MBA) software to provide additional protection and optimization functionality that defends the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) against anomalous conditions such as signaling storms, unauthorized access, session spoofing, privacy attacks or small cell-generated traffic overloads.

Excessive Signaling at the RAN-Core border

External events can cause exponential increases in S1 signaling (between the RAN and EPC) Outages can occur as the overwhelmed MME cannot process the incoming traffic load and further deny service to a larger part of the network. These types of events create a denial-of-service (DoS) attack, where the network is flooded with so many packets of data that it becomes difficult or impossible for legitimate traffic to reach it. Even if the MME (or other EPC element) remains operational, the overload of traffic results in the network being all but unusable.

External events include:

  • Power outages that cause a large number of eNodeBs or devices to simultaneously request reconnection to the network.
  • Faulty smartphone applications that are quickly adopted and generate excessive quantities of active/idle transitions.
  • Malicious attacks in which an unknown source intentionally alters messages and/or states to gain access to or disrupt a network.

Ensure LTE Network Integrity

Mavenir's EPC protection solution ensures LTE network integrity and protects services availability across multiple planes of activity by providing comprehensive visibility into LTE network transactions.

The Mavenir solution includes Mobile Border Agent, a software-based entity to monitor and protect the dynamic LTE radio-core mobile border. Mavenir Mobile Border Agent adds a watchful presence to assess and identify unusual traffic conditions and relationships, collect data and report back to the operator or upstream network elements, and to take corrective action, in accordance with operator policy.

Mavenir MBA leverages the critical advantages of its unique location at the S1 link to deliver unprecedented capabilities for protecting vital network elements, supporting services and enhancing the end user experience even when network conditions are strained.

Stop Service Disruption

As LTE networks evolve with more users, applications and potential hackers, there is increased need for deeper levels of protection for the EPC from malicious and unintentional denial of service and other attacks. By providing Mavenir EPC protection in front of the MME, service continuity can be assured even in the face of rapid, exponential increases in signaling load.