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mOne®Convergence Platform

mOne® Convergence Platform

The Mavenir mOne® Convergence Platform enables mobile operators to deploy enhanced voice, video and messaging services across any generation of mobile devices and broadband access networks. This fully virtualized software platform is 'cloud-ready'.


Mavenir’s mOne® Convergence Platform enables solutions for the mobile operators which:

  • Provide real time communication services for mobile user communities – Voice, Video, Multimedia and social messaging …for revenue generation
  • Provide network optimization – Social aggregation, voice/message routing and media delivery over IP …for cost reduction
  • Provide open network interfaces to enable third party application development …for new business models

Mobile Operators can deploy the services they want, when they want to deploy them, all on the Mavenir mOne® Convergence Platform.


Built for Convergence

The Mavenir mOne® Convergence Platform* applications are SIP- based  and comply with 3GPP, 3GPP2, IETF and Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) specifications such as Multimedia Telephony (MMTEL), OMA SIMPLE and OMA CPM. It supports industry standard interfaces to connect with existing mobile access and core networks, mobile core networks, SIP/VoIP/IMS core networks, web services via REST and LTE access networks over open-standard interfaces. The platform offers these applications with an optional, integrated IMS core network.

The Mavenir mOne® Convergence Platform provides the best-in-class computing performance for real time communication services.

Packaged with a software framework that enables rapid service development and delivery across multiple network domains – circuit, SIP and web.The applications layer has functional modules that provide the service logic to deliver services in the network and utilize a services and subscriber profile layer with sophisticated routing and carrier grade capabilities for personalized services with flexible deployment options including geographical redundancy.These functions plug into a common interface abstraction layer to provide the flexibility to connect any application service logic or function to any network element in the network to provide convergence across service domains.

This modular and layered software architecture allows Mavenir to deliver blended services across access domains and core networks.

Mavenir's mOne® Convergence Platform supports a very scalable, high capacity solution that will enable network providers to start from a small deployment to a large scale network deployment supporting millions of subscribers. It is designed around an IP-based distributed architecture, separating bearer and control functions planes into two distinct set of network elements.


*patents pending