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Convergence Telephony Application Server


Mavenir’s Convergence Telephony Application Server (TAS) is a scalable carrier-grade Multimedia Telephony Application Server providing voice and video services to IMS/SIP clients over any IMS-enabled access type, e.g. LTE, Wi-Fi, HSPA, etc. It supports Mobile VoIP (Voice over Wi-Fi) and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) as well as Mobile Video Calling.

The Convergence TAS is uniquely equipped to offer service parity and synchronization with the circuit switched (CS) network, enabling a consistent service offering to the user regardless of the access type and service network. At the same time, the TAS offers a rich suite of new services and capabilities to IP clients.

Interacting with the core IMS component, S-CSCF over an ISC interface, it can be deployed in a standalone configuration with any 3rd party IMS core or bundled with Mavenir's IMS core enablers (I/S-CSCF) on the same platform to offer a cost-effective end-to-end IMS voice solution. Bundled with Mavenir’s innovative network-based ICS solution, operators can also connect directly with the IMS voice core with 2G and 3G access, effectively eliminating the need for legacy MSC from the mobile network.

All Mavenir products, including application servers and gateways, are deployed on Mavenir's mOne® Convergence Platform.

The Mavenir TAS uses industry leading partner components including the Session Border Controller and Proxy CSCF (SBC / P-CSCF), Media Gateways (MGW) and Professional Services to provide a turnkey offer. Read more about our partners.