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Converged IP Messaging

Mobile operators deploying an all-IP services core have an opportunity to transform their messaging network by capping legacy investment and introducing intelligent delivery capability for messaging and multimedia while managing user generated content across multiple access domains and devices. 

OMA Converged IP Messaging (CPM) empowers 2G, 3G and LTE operators to transform their messaging core and deliver messaging over an IP network.  

Unique Business Values:

Some of the capabilities of Mavenir's CPM solution are:

Multi-device delivery: Users are able to receive messages at multiple devices or messaging clients.

Group messagingUsers are able to send messages or content to a group of users, either via a standalone message or via the establishment of a messaging session. 

Media transfer: Users are able to exchange different types of content (i.e. files), either within an ongoing messaging session or via creation of a new messaging session as well as send files to one or more recipients simultaneously also during a voice over LTE or video call leveraging multi-tasking capabilities of the LTE network. 

Instant Messaging (IM) / Chat: Users are able to initiate chat sessions with one or more parties, which allows a real-time exchange of messages and file transfers within a conversational content including creating chat groups, convert a 1-1 session into a group session or vice versa. 

Manage message policyUsers are able to configure message policy and have it applied in the network. 

Message store: Users are able to persistently store and retrieve all messaging history in the network, including all messages, conversations/chats and file transfers.