Sprint launches nationwide NFV OpenStack cloud deployment extending its existing vendor ecosystem with the introduction of new, agile, innovative, and smaller players.

Sprint's NFV journey using new, agile and innovative players like Mavenir.  Today Sprint announced several of the industry-leading pioneers they are collaborating with on their nationwide Network Function Virtualization OpenStack cloud deployment. 

They’ve spent the last several years laying the foundation and charting a path for Sprint’s NFV journey. NFV is an essential building block for their LTE Plus Network to Gigabit LTE and 5G, which will require more efficient scaling of core network capabilities to handle the dynamic flow of data requirements among our customers.   Read the complete Sprint blog post here.

Mavenir will be providing the TAS, Media Resource Function (MRF), and policy Diameter Routing Agent (pDRA).  Virtualizing the EPC and IMS onto a single NFVI will enable Sprint to scale the Core up or down dynamically to support new 5G services, depending upon demand.

Sep 05, 2017
Written By Maryvonne Tubb