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AirMessenger ®

Mavenir's AirMessenger® family of products are mature products that can be simply and rapidly deployed, and can provide the reliability needed for a superior user experience. They provide the performance and scalability to address the operator's rapidly growing capacity and QoS needs.  Especially important is the ability to generate new revenue streams and provide valuable personalized messaging experiences for their subscribers. AirMessenger® meets these needs in the form of its high-performance, high-availability and scalable products.

AirMessenger® Router

The AirMessenger® Router provides a tiered, highly-flexible extension to any existing messaging infrastructure, optimizing SMS message delivery and control and enabling new service offerings while lowering cost per message.   With up to 90% offload of SMSC messaging traffic, its high efficiency allows operators to maximize their messaging infrastructure and introduce new high-value SMS revenue streams such as televoting, banking, and customer loyalty applications easily and without risk.

The market leading performance of the AirMessenger® Router includes a host of advanced features such as first delivery attempt (FDA) to deliver messages without first storing them, routing/load-balancing algorithms to maximize message throughput and optimized usage of legacy SMSCs, and real-time pre/post-paid charging interfaces to control and monetize in real-time those increased message volumes.

AirMessenger® Router provides a significant increase in performance, security, efficiency and cost control, making it a critical component in today’s converged messaging networks.

AirMessenger® Firewall

The AirMessenger Firewall secures the mobile messaging network by eliminating fraudulent and malicious attacks and ensuring billing mechanisms are not bypassed.  Subscribers benefit from a controlled  and safe messaging environment.

AirMessenger Firewall protects messaging infrastructure against spoof, fake, flooding, denial of service and fraud attacks. Optional content filtering checks and blocks any SMS messages with undesirable content by scanning for pre-defined keywords, call to action URLs, premium rate numbers, binaries and known viruses. A high-performance, yet low latency, platform it controls content provider access and ensures high customer satisfaction with protection from off-net (foreign) and on-net (home) SMS traffic.

Putting operators in control and protecting against revenue loss gives the operator the control they need to ensure their network continues to be a key competitive and revenue generating asset.

AirMessenger® Store

The AirMessenger® Store is responsible for receiving, storing and forwarding short messages in a mobile network. It enables operators to reduce their costs by flexibly matching deployed storage with their business requirements, either complementing legacy systems or as a part of a modern tiered architecture.  It provides a fully featured alternative to traditional SMSC based storage.

AirMessenger® Store provides truly independent, scalable storage allowing extra capacity to be added when required alongside existing messaging infrastructure or in conjunction with other Mavenir products to maximize the benefits of a tiered architecture. This allows operators to increase their storage as the needs of the business change, providing the lowest possible cost of ownership and the highest possible margins of their messaging infrastructure.

Advanced functionality incorporated into the AirMessenger® Store includes the ability distribute messages across different stores, load-balancing across connected SMS Routers and optimized routing of short messages to connected SMS gateways. The built-in intelligent message engine uses sophisticated retry schedules to maximize the probability of delivery, even to subscribers who have temporarily turned off their mobile phones or are out of network coverage. AirMessenger® Store is engineered to provide the highest level of availability and to adapt to mobile operators’ evolving storage needs.

AirMessenger® Rapid Service platform

The AirMessenger® RSP is perfect for green field operators who need to rapidly deploy high-availability mobile messaging P2P and A2P services. It is a complete, pre-packaged, proven, messaging platform that provides SMS & MMS messaging delivery, service control, service management, and charging functions on a common high-availability platform.

For operators who need to augment their messaging capabilities the AirMessenger® RSP can aid faster rollout of new high-value services like mobile banking and CRM messaging systems and allows the security and quality of service guarantees that independent isolated systems offer.

AirMessenger® RSP combines messaging gateway, storage & delivery and is built using the building blocks of Mavenir’s tiered architecture, allowing the solution to be up-scaled to meet growing functionality and capacity requirements of the operator as they arise.

AirMessenger® Personal

The AirMessenger® Personal builds customer loyalty by enabling enhanced messaging services that allow subscribers to control message interaction and delivery. It provides mobile operators with differentiated, revenue generating messaging applications.

These enhanced services allow individuals to copy or divert their messages to other devices, or to email, ensuring they get them wherever they are. Subscribers setup and control their own lists to block, or allow, messages from particular numbers or range of numbers. Parents are able to protect their children from unwanted messages and cyber-bullying by restricting access

Enterprises can choose to block premium rate or international messages, and enable standard signatures to be added to all messages. Business users, especially those in banking, legal or medical professions, may choose to keep a permanent archive of their communications while automated out-of-office replies ensure valuable business is not lost.